How To Find Time To Exercise

All VIPs have hectic lifestyles. Time = Money so it’s important to maximise it. That’s where fitting in time to exercise can become an issue. Do you want to spend an hour exercising or an hour shopping? And then there’s the issue of showering and doing hair and make-up afterwards.


I’m the sort of person that would pick shopping over exercise every time. Do you use a fitness tracker? Mine used to be terrible, as I’d even pick clearing up my dog’s poop over exercising. However, I do want a tight, toned body, which means working out is vital – I don’t want the saggy skin that comes from dieting without exercising. So the way I solved my dilemma was to do exercise when nobody else was doing anything fun; either first thing in the morning or late at night.



– You’ve fasted overnight so you burn body fat rather than what’s in your stomach

– You don’t have time to make excuses, particularly if you lay out your sports kit by your bed the night before. 

– It puts you in great mood for the rest of the day, especially if you are exercising at home and can pick your own upbeat workout tunes. A home gym or other home fitness products don’t take up as much room as you’d think.

– Breakfast tastes better when you’ve earned it.

– If you’re not a morning person then leaving your duvet feels like TORTURE

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-It’s satisfying to finish  a long day and spend some time on yourself.

– You tend to be more careful about what you eat and drink in the day if you know you have to do a workout later.


– Performance can be better if you’re sufficiently fuelled and hydrated. Your body can push itself further, with higher levels of intensity

– Night-time TV is better than daytime TV. So if you’re working out at home you can do it when TOWIE’s and fit it into your routine. On the LINK

– You have the whole day to make up excuses why you can’t possibly go.

– Exercise releases endorphins so it could disrupt your sleep if you do it before bed without time to chill out and cool down.

What do you prefer? I’d love to hear as many exercise tips as possible. Let’s help each other look hotter.
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