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I like to work out, I like to look pretty and I want to be kind to the environment and I think it’s ridiculously difficult to achieve all three. To clear my pores after a sweaty workout so I can look pretty, I look for strength and not necessarily kindness. To be kind to the environment, I use products that make clear skin clearer but don’t work so well on sweaty skin.

And then I found Nude skincare…

To give you a bit of a background on the product, Nude was developed in 2007 by ethical entrepreneurs Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson. It’s high performance skincare, but the reason it’s effective is because it’s deeply rooted in nutrition. The unique formulas are based on ingredients the body needs for healthy glowing skin. Bryan founded the Fresh and Wild grocery chain and Ali Hewson was a co-founder of the ethical clothing company Edun so you can be guaranteed these products are as good for the environment as your face.

And not just the outside environment. These are products that you would be proud to display in your bathroom. Check out the luxurious packaging.


The fizzy powder face wash is especially brilliant.I love all fizzy things and now it seems like I’ve found some fizz that is good for my body. With multiple sources of vitamin C from delicious sounding ingredients like lemon and lime extracts and Brazilian acerola fruit and natural seeds from rose hip and vanilla to smooth the skin, the powder smells fresh. When you mix it with water and start to rub it over your skin it’s light and not at all cloggy. Wash it off and you are left with a glow, which I later found out is due to the pure oils inside it’s unique formula – Inca gold oil, Hawaiian coconut oil and organic virgin coconut oil.


But my favourite product has to be the ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk which is  the most satisfying moisturisers I’ve ever tried.


I have oily skin so I don’t always wear moisturiser, chosing to get those nutrients in a BB cream or a CC cream instead. But this serum is super light and packed with no less than 10 concentrated superfood extracts. You only need one pump of it and you can feel your skin going ‘aaaaah,’ the same sound you make when you’re super thirsty and you take a sip of water.

When I work out, I’m very careful to put nutrients back into my body with a healthy vegetable juice or a protein shake smoothie, and yet I’d never really thought about doing the same for my skin. This changes right now!

Find out more info on the Nude skincare website at Prices from £38

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I found that…

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