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Hi VIPs! How was your bank holiday weekend? Want to prolong the fun? Then let’s have a look at what the celebs got up to over the long break. If we’re still talking about it, the fun’s still happening, isn’t it?

More time off means more time to misbehave as you can see by Anne Hathaway dressing up as Miley Cyrus. Anne always plays actresses that are ‘Goody Two Shoes’ so it’s a refreshing change to see her all sexed up for once.


So why did she do this? It’s part of a competition that US TV comedian Jimmy Fallon does on his NBC show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She had to have a lip-sync battle with her British Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt. Clearly Anne’s a lot more competitive than we think. Watch the full video here:

E! hostess Giuliana Rancic has released a tell-all autobiography in which she reveals an ex- boyfriend cheated on her with a famous singer.



The femme fatale that stole G’s love was Geri Halliwell. Should have called her ‘nasty spice’ not ‘Ginger spice.  She also tells about how she survived cancer and how she tried to seduce George Clooney 32 times, Order at Amazon here

Now remember Jay-Z’s rival to Spotify, called Tidal, that costs £20 a month?


Rihanna, who’s part of the crew behind it is trying to whip up interest by releasing her new song Amerian Oxygen exclusively through Tidal. Would that be enough to convince you?

Here’s the video:


Four more sleeps until Britain’s Got Talent comes back to ITV on Saturday! There’s guaranteed to be a fierce fashion competition between Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon if this pic is anything to go by – they’re already competing to see who can show off the most leg. Shouldn’t the focus be on the contestants not the judges?


Now whatever you got up to over the bank holiday weekend it can’t be as bad as what happened to Usher.



Usher had foot surgery over the weekend, so he’s not going to be dancing round the stage anytime soon. Hopefully he won’t be out for too long though as I remember when Jessie J broke her foot falling off stage. You’d never have guessed looking at her now. Get well soon, Usher!

Whatever you do today, have a great one. See you tomorrow for showbiz goss.

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