Planning Your Prom: The VIP Way

Planning for the prom can be an exciting time. You want everything to go without a hitch. It’s a great way to inject glamour into the end of finishing school. But, you also want to make sure that you have a fantastic time with your friends.

When it comes to prom planning, there are some important things that you need to consider. After all, you only get to celebrate your prom once. It needs to be done with style in mind.

Transport: Living Like a Celebrity

When it comes to planning a prom, it’s vital that you unleash your inner Kimmy K. Think about some fabulous ways that you can and the girls can arrive in style. If you are something of a glamour queen, a stretch limo can be a fun way to come to the dance. But, you can also look at horse drawn carriages too. Vintage buses, like old VW campers, decked with flowers and ribbons make a grand statement. There are some fabulous ways that you can live like a celebrity, without blowing the budget.


Dresses, Accessories and Shoes (Oh My!)



Prom dresses don’t have to be huge, ostentatious affairs. On the contrary, there are some beautiful styles that you can opt for. Think of lace, satin and chiffon. These are all gorgeous fabrics to choose. Of course, you need to play to the classy rules. Make sure that the neckline is high, and the dress is long. You can always opt for a split in the dress to flash a little leg. When you think of prom dresses, you don’t automatically think Hollywood glamour. But, make like Taylor and co and opt for a dramatic chiffon dress that has vast masses of material. Of course, the key to making this look work is to go for darker, more dramatic shades. Blacks, burgundies and navies look fantastic. Plus, you can dress them up with sparkly shoes and a cute corsage.

Let your dress do the talking. But, do be sure to accessorise. A simple silver necklace with a small charm and a pretty charm bracelet are all that you will need. Keep your shoes at a reasonably low level heel. That way, you can dance the night away without being in pain! Opt for strappy sandals in a contrasting colour tone if you want to keep bang on trend.

Hair and Makeup Dilemmas, Solved

Makeup and hair problems can be a huge problem! But, you don’t have to worry that you won’t look amazing. Opt for a casual up-do or a messy French plait in your hair. The bohemian look works well with a dramatic prom dress. Of course, you don’t want to have your hair down. Opt for a comfortable up do. Simple plaits and buns keep all the hair off your face, so you can party the night away without the dreaded bed head look. Make up wise, keep it simple. While lashings of lipstick can look cute, it’s all about keeping it natural. Keep your look fresh and cute with a simple slick of eyeliner and lashings of mascara. After all, you want to make sure that you have a low maintenance look for the entire night.


Going to prom is an exciting time. How will you be celebrating yours?



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