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The bigger my hair looks, the better my mood. When it’s sleek, glossy and under control, I literally feel like I could rule the world. I also think visiting a salon will always leave your hair better than you could do  it yourself. The stylist has two hands on your hair and is coming at it from behind, whereas your arms are twisted before you start. Therefore I’m on a mission to find the best blowdry in London.

I’m starting with the Cobella hair salon in Kensington, West London for the simple reason that the video the team have done showcasing their creative talents looked incredible: This list sums up the best bits about the Cobella experience:

(1) Convenient location It’s just a five minute walk from High Street Kensington station so you can fit it in to a day of shopping. I got my party outfit (at Zara) and then headed opposite to get my party hair!

(2) Modern but comfortable salon TEAM-NEW-3

I felt relaxed and looked after from the moment I stepped through the door. It’s modern and fresh, but not at the expense of practicality. There’s a lot of light, the mirrors are big and the seats are suitably far apart. This mean that I felt I had my stylist’s undivided attention when I was in my position and I could look in the mirror and inspect what was going on.

(3) Regulars There is a really friendly atmosphere in this salon. In fact, the amount of air-kissing that goes on is unbelievable! The stylist that did my hair, Cilla, told me this was because the ladies come in three to four times a week. Some of them don’t even have shampoo at their own homes. I thought that was a good sign – it must be good if people visit so much and keep coming back.

(4) Speed I asked Cilla if I could be done in 30 minutes as I was due to get in a taxi to take me to Covent Garden in less than that time. There was no messing around nor loss of attention and Cilla and I had a great conversation about blogging in that time. I don’t like it when hair cuts take ages, so I was very happy about this.

(5) Finish A blowdry can be quick and comfortable but the proof is always in the end result isn’t it. This is how I ended up:


I loved how shiny and bouncy it was! My hair isn’t my favourite length at the moment but the soft curls made me feel feminine again. There was a good amount of backcombing in there too, which was appreciated. If I can’t have volume with the length, at least I can have it with the top! I needed the power hair for a debate I did at the Hospital Members Club in Covent Garden about blogging (video coming soon). As you can see from the photo below, my hair was way bettter than Katie Hopkins, which set me off in a good mood,



That 30 minutes getting my hair blow dried made me feel fabulous all night so I’d definitely go back, especially if I needed to do some shopping on the same day.

OVERALL RATING: 9/10. I’m nervous about rating it so highly as I haven’t tested many places yet, but I couldn’t fault it. My biggest issue is that the Live Like a VIP offices are in Shoreditch, on the opposite side of town so it took a while for me to travel there.

Cobella, 5 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP. 020 7937 8888. Visit the Cobella wesbite for more details and booking info.

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