The Ultimate Guide To Travelling Like A VIP

If you are lucky enough to have a great itinerary for travel this year, you may be thinking ahead to how you are going to be travelling in style. With so many chic places to visit and so many great outfits to wear when you get there, you need to be arriving in something that screams VIP. Whether you’re in heels in St. Petersburg or sandals in Dubai, you need to make sure you get there in tip top condition. We give you the ultimate guide to classy travel, to ensure you get the VIP treatment.

 Limousine – Without a doubt, turning up to an event or party in the back of a stretch limousine will turn heads. If you have to hire a car anyway, why not hire something with all the glitz and glam of a celebrity lifestyle. Take some lessons on how to slide in and out while retaining your dignity in a cocktail dress and heels. And just for good measure, have a friend run ahead with a flash camera to help you make a great entry! OK, maybe that is a little overkill, and limo is likely to be enough to see you on FaceBook pages for weeks.

Train – We’re not talking about the grotty little subway carriages here. No, we’re talking high-class Orient Express. If you are making a journey in this region, you must travel this historic beauty and dine in style aboard this incredible train. Most of us have only slept slouched in a drunken stupor on trains before. Sleep in your own carriage with the gentle rocking of the train to send you off to dream heaven. The ultimate in luxury travel on rails.


Private jet – Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and make your journey across country and beyond on your own private charter. You can find jet charters online, and choose from some of the most amazing private planes. With limited passenger numbers and luxurious fittings on board, you really can live the high life, with just a modicum of money. So you may not ever own your own jet, but you can certainly fly in one (if only once in your lifetime!). The shorter the distance, the cheaper the fare, but sometimes an excuse is all you need for luxury flight in a private jet.

Yacht – Charter a yacht for a long weekend off the coast of Caribbean island, or maybe just grab a two-hour tour around the harbour. Whatever your budget, you shouldn’t leave a luxury yacht ride off your list of travel to-dos this year. If you can afford it, take the opportunity to sleep onboard in your own luxury cabin, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze through your hair. Take a bikini and top up your tan on the deck. Sip champagne and enjoy some caviar as you speed along the coast of somewhere exotic. Hire one for a party and spread the cost among your most fabulous friends.


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