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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’m all about the experience over the gift. Sharing a memory together lasts longer than flowers (which die), chocolates (that make you fat) or Champagne (which leads to a hangover). But there are experiences and there are VIP experiences, which in my mind is doing something that few people get to experience.

Now let me bring up the subject of handwriting analysis. It involves the jeopardy of seeing how compatible your relationship really is as well as uniqueness as it’s not something you do everyday. And it also involves the luxurious five star Corinthia Hotel in central London, which has to be one of my favourite hotels in the world.


As you walk off the street from The Strand, it’s impossible not to take a deeply satisfied breath as you feel instantly welcomed – by the attentive staff and the beautiful flowers in a large vase that reinforce the image that this is a hotel that goes the extra mile to get things right.

Up through into the lobby, there’s a huge chandelier in the shape of a sphere, making this hotel light as well as cosy. This is a hard thing to do as normally cosy means dark and imposing.

The lobby at the Corinthia in Whitehall


These comfortable surroundings will do a good job of relaxing you and your partner as you head to the Northall restaurant, where the handwriting sessions are taking place. When I visited for the press preview it took place on the balcony overlooking the grand dining area.


Emma Bache is one of the leading handwriting analysis experts in the world with lots of work for national newspapers and magazines. She’s interpreted the signatures of hundreds of celebs and when the media find handwritten notes by politicians or the royals , Emma is asked to read into what the style of writing says about the person.

I brought in a scrap of paper on which I’d scrawled a note and so had my boyfriend and it was deadly accurate. Without wanting to give too much away about the inner workings of my relationship, I’d say the prognosis was 85% positive, which is a relief. But the important thing is you can trust Emma to say what’s really going on, which I happen to like.



I know this sounds mysterious, but that’s the point. If everyone knew about handwriting analysis then it wouldn’t be VIP would it? Emma is only available on 14 February from 3pm – 11pm so places are limited. Visit The Corinthia’s website for more information, or phone 020 7321 3000, and get ready to have a Valentines you’ll never forget.

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