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Who do you look up to for fitness inspiration? If you’re not looking at anyone then how do you expect to improve? If you’re training in a class or with a personal trainer does the instructor have a figure that you want? Do they excel at a discipline that you want to get better at? If they’re a bodybuilder and you want to run faster then it’s not going to work…

I’ve decided that it’s time to get serious about sport. I’m not looking to win medals but I am looking to move off a fitness plateau and see my body become leaner and feel it become stronger. I’m also aiming for 3 hours 30 in a marathon, which I narrowly missed in Istanbul two months ago. With these goals, I asked myself what I wanted in a trainer / fitness mentor and I wanted someone who was quick, lean, energetic and inspirational….and then I met GB triathlete Gary Spencer.



Gary is an instructor at Edge Cycle in central London, which is the only specialist indoor cycling studio to offer cycling bootcamp classes (spinning and weights and stretching) as well as fast-paced purely cycling sessions.


The reason I tried out Edge initially was because I am not very consistent when it comes to exercise. I once heard that to get fitter you needed to shock the body by trying new things and I took it to extremes. If a new bootcamp started in a park then I was there. I’ve tried every exercise class going – from a Playboy Bunny workout to HIIT to jumping on trampolines or pogo sticks.

However, at Edge the instructors took time to get to know me. As well as Gary, there’s the stunning Belinda Shipman who has six kids and the most enviable figure in the world, so much so that you have to see it to believe it.

It was after one of the 45 minute classes, where I was sweating buckets and feeling like jelly, that Gary asked me about my marathon training plan and I realised I didn’t actually have one. I just went out running whenever I could and did a little longer runs each week as well as some other fitness classes and a bit of swimming. He asked me about heart rate monitors and I confessed I didn’t have one ( and to be honest, I didn’t really know the difference between a GPS watch and a heart rate monitor).

So I’ve done the sensible thing and asked Gary to train me to help me with my running goals because as a champion triathlete he’s knowledgeable about all the techniques needed to finish first. I’m quite looking forward to getting focused, Finally, I’m going to stop following the fads when it comes to fitness!

This is the start of my journey. I’ll be writing blog posts each Tuesday – lets call it Tuesday Tips – letting you know how I get on.

If you’d like to shape up your own training you can find Gary at Edge Cycle on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings – there is a timetable on the Edge Cycle website

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