Train Like A VIP: Fight Klub Review

Fitness instructor Troy Dureh is a record breaker. He’s broken a world record for teaching the largest ever boxing lesson with more  than  500 people turning  up to take part. He’s not just any fitness instructor, he’s got groupies. That’s totally VIP!


At Live Like a VIP. we always like to try the best and so we jumped at the opportunity to take a Fight Klub class at Gymbox Holborn. This is where Fight Klub began in 2003 when Troy was asked to think of new ideas for classes. He realised that while people like making combat with Tae-Bo, Body Combat and Boxercise, they did not always like being hit when holding pads. He introduced the concept of freestanding punchbags and Fight Klub was born.

Now it’s a global brand in five countries with over 30,000 people per week participating in lessons in their local gyms and health clubs. They’ve just launched a day of dance and fitness classes spread over six hours called Super Saturday, which is touring the UK (inc Ashford 18 October, Heston 22 November and Stevenage on 28 March 2015). Visit the Fight Klub website to find out more dates.



So what can you expect? At Fight Klub, you’ll do various high-tempo combinations of jabs, hooks, front and side-kicks, then squats, sprints on the spot, a few sit-ups and then more punching and kicking.  Two or three people share a punch bag so you feel like if you stop to take a breath you’re letting your team down. Your heart-rate is operating at the max, which means you’re burning tons of calories 🙂

What I also liked is that this was that Troy, the instructor, seemed to burn just as much energy as the rest of us in the class. He’s constantly moving round, appearing next to you to check you’re doing it correctly, shouting the rhythm of the moves and generally lifting the atmosphere in the class to a frenzied high. There’s a genuine nightclub atmosphere with the added bonus you can punch someone without getting arrested. Just imagine your enemy / ex-boyfriend on the punchbag and the class has a different twist! Oh, and if you see someone near you punching a bag hard you’ll probably want to punch it harder (or is that just me being competitive?)



The classes last 45 minutes and it’s a full body workout with all the punching, kicking, squatting and sit-ups.

Follow @Fight_Klub on Twitter to find out when they will be near you or book tickets now if you live near Ashford or Heston (Hounslow). Tweet @livelikeavip or tag us in Instagram livelikeavip and let us know how you get on!


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