VIP Beauty: How To Do Negative Space Manis

Say goodbye to blocks of colour on your fingertips, and hello to hands full of nude half moons. Right now it’s all about having negative space on your nail beds accompanied by a splash of colour – your choice!

Jessie J

Jessie J’s nails look sleek nude, tipped with black and topped with golden crowns.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger’s fierce fingernails mix negative space crescents with blocks of colour and they look hot both black and red.

It seems as if celebs have gotten their inspiration from the nail trends at Fashion Week.


Charlotte Rosson’s collection at New York Fashion Week featured chilling mint green negative space nails, that were eye catching and elegant. Slits of nude space were also used to divide up two tones of autumn oranges.


And the negative space continued in Misha No-noo’s collection with icy white nails beds, and pencil thin dashes of naked space in a line directly through the centre.

This new nail trend has certainly caught our attention. The negative space creates the illusion that the nail polish is floating on top of a nude nail bed. It also breaks up the nail making it appear longer and therefore more elegant. It’s definitely stylish and a trend we have to try out!

Here’s how you do it.

(1) Paint your nails with a clear basecoat. I would recommend OPI Start To Finish because it’s long lasting and acts as both a base and topcoat, so you’re getting double your money’s worth.

(2) Using tape, cut out a stencil of a half moon crescent shape (the shape of the stencil can change depending on what type of negative space you’re going for). Then stick the stencil wherever you would like the negative space to be on your nail bed.

(3) Choose a nail polish. I recommend OPI Sweetheart to stay on trend with nude fingertips. Paint your nail with polish above and below the stencil and wait until the polish is dry to peel it off.

(4) Give your nails a last shiny coat with OPI Start To Finish.

Try it out and tell us what you think! Tweet @livelikeavip

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