VIP Beauty: We Test My Cosmetic Lenses

If you could have eyes like any celebrity, who would you chose? I’ve just learned that looking like Megan Fox is slightly more achievable, even for people who have eyes so dark brown they are almost black.


I dye my hair colour a lot, injecting various shades of auburn lowlights and lighter brown dip dye but I thought I was stuck with my eye colour. I look at girls on nights out and feel the green eyed monster at their gorgeous green eyes and it’s incredibly frustrating. That is, until a friend told me about My Cosmetic Lenses, which is used by Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore. Marnie has dark brown eyes but they appear blue on TV due to these coloured contact lenses.

I gave it a go for 24 hours to see how they felt. I must say I was impressed by the initial results:


I may have used them for flirting purposes…


You could really see a difference in these before and after photos. I felt so much more exotic!

zoe-vip-eyes During the day, people did notice. I go to running club and some of the girls started looking at me funny. It wasn’t because I was out of breath and panting, because that’s normal, but because of the lenses. One of the girls came up to me to ask what I’d done.

Later on, catching the tube home I was asked by a group of boys if I was from the Caribbean and they said I was the most beautiful girl they’d seen all day. Awwwwww!

They felt very comfortable – not as scratchy as I’d expected – and it wasn’t until I was ready to go to bed and my eyes felt tired that I remembered I had the lenses in and that I needed to take them out and store them safely. In that sense, they’re just like regular contact lenses as they come with solution and storage containers so you can re-use them. I’m not surprised Marnie is never seen without her range.


Have you ever tried coloured contacts? If not, you are missing out! I’ll definitely be using them again. With contact lenses in Marnie’s range at £19.99, it’s a quick and cheap way to get the celeb look you’ve always dreamed of.

If you try them tweet us your pics @livelikeavip and we’ll RT. Good luck!

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