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Good morning VIPs! Are you enjoying The Commonwealth Games? If I’m honest, it’s a poor relation of The Olympics but Kate Middleton doesn’t share my view. She’s so into it, she took part in a game that involved jumping over tins while wearing a dress and wedge shoes. If there was a gold medal for bravery, Kate would get it.


I was pretty surprised Kate could jump in heels and that’s not the only thing that’s shocked me in celeb land in the past 24 hours. For example, I cannot believe Billie Faiers from The Only Way is Essex had a baby 18 days ago. She looked incredible in a photo she posted on Instagram.


I’m also a bit surprised Scarlett Johannsson has let herself go so much during pregnancy. It’s not so much her figure, but what has happened to her hair.


Ellie Goulding showed odd behaviour when photographed outside her gym. In her bag she had juice and cigarettes. I’m not sure the juice will offset the harm done by the fags.


And talking of harm, Kate Moss’s liver can’t be in good shape. She was caught trying to catch an Easyjet flight from Turkey and people are reporting she was drunk. She must have been tipsy to decide to fly on such a budget airline. Her cowboy boots are weird too.


So today was a pretty odd day of showbiz news with a few unexpected things happening. Let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow. Doing the same things over and over again is boring, right?


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