Get The Look: Bun And Plait Up-Do Like Beyonce


If you want an elegant up-do then why not look at Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for inspiration? A large plait wrapped around a bun adds a new twist on the bun style and keeps everything neat. This is ideal for girls with hair sensitive to frizz like JLo and Beyonce (and me). This hairstyle will last all night!

Tatiana Karelina from Tatiana Hair Extensions has shown me exactly how to do it, step by step.



Here’s a quick overview

bun-stepsThis is what you need to do:


Stage 1: Put the hair in a ponytail


Stage 2: Roll on a bun ‘donut’IMG_7145

Stage 3: Attach a thin elastic band over the bun to keep it neat. Pin loose strands underneath


Stage 4: Attach the Tatiana Hair extensions clip-in, which you have pre-plaited.


Stage 5: Fasten with grips

If you’d like to see how the expert does it (eg Tatiana) then we have a video to demonstrate the process:

This is what the clip-in looks like mid-plait. It’s made from human hair so it looks really natural around the bun!


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Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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