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Morning VIPs! Yesterday it was all about the love stories and today is also a happy news day as we’re seeing a lot of gorgeous pregnant ladies at the moment. The top three parents we’re excited about pro-creating are:

(1) JB and Chloe Gill


Chloe is making pregnancy look easy! She looked effortlessly stylish in a black chain jumpsuit as she showed being pregnant does not mean the end of your social life. The couple attended an EP listening party, organised by their MOBO nominated singer friend Mike Hough (below)



Mike’s EP, Lost in Love, is available for download from 23 July. You have to listen to it! With Mike’s soulful voice, it might make you frisky and you could end up joining these knocked up celebs 🙂

(2) Kelly Rowland


Kelly only has a small bump but it is making her radiant. Check out that big smile! Is it because she is pregnant or because she’s happy she doesn’t have to sit next to Louis Walsh on X Factor any more?

(3) Jersey Shore star Snooki


The petite reality TV star looked so pretty as she hosted a Welcome Home party for her friend JWoww, who has just given birth to her first baby. Snooki is pregnant with her second.

But JWoww seems to have found the first few days of motherhood pretty exhausting as you can see below. Poor lady!


Are you feeling broody yet? We’ve done the love and we’ve done the babies so we should have a wider range of stories tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Zoe Griffin

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