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Morning VIPs! How are you? In the LLAVIP offices we’ve realised we are only human and the cold / flu bug is here. But we couldn’t take a day off from gossip completely -especially on the day the news comes out of THAT FIGHT between Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law Jay-Z. We have the top three showbiz stories for you below. Sorry it’s not more…

(1) Solange whacks Jay-Z in New York Hotel lift



This is the photo taken immediately after Solange hit Jay-Z about 8 times in a lift. Beyonce doesn’t seem to do anything to separate the pair. It’s weird! Check out the video for yourself here:

(2) X Men: Days of Future Past Premiere


Patrick Stewart, James Macavoy, Sir Ian Mckellen and Michael Fassbender looked like they were enjoying a joke at the Leicester Square premiere of X Men: Days of Future Past. Girls, there are a lot of hotties in this film. Here’s a trailer:

And talking of hot, X Factor star James Arthur did look really good as he watched the premiere. Let’s face it he used to look very grungy but his hair all shiny and he’s got hismself a girlfrend. Awww!


(3) Tulisa starts to bounce back



Tulisa has been keeping a low profile until a court case in July, but she’s looking good on it! It was her publicist’s birthday at the weekend and she went to The Cotswolds for his birthday party. Very civilised. Makes a change from seeing her stumbling out of nightclubs all the time. Let’s hope she keeps it up!

So that’s it for today. Have a good one, take care and we’ll be back with more tomorrow.

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