We See The Nikki Lissoni S/S 14 Range In Style

X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger and Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead appear to have  been wearing the same necklace on TV.


However, if you were to zoom in you would see that although the pendant shape is the same and it’s by the same designer – Nikki Lissoni – the circular coin in the middle has a different design.

This means you can change your necklace to suit your mood or your outfit by picking a different inside. The image below explains the cool concept:


It’s like the jewellery version of pick’n’mix. Rather than have someone tell you how you have to wear your necklace, it gives you a lot more freedom. If you check out the Nikki Lissoni website, you’ll see there is so much choice in terms of coins and even chain colour and chain length.

But we all know that photos can be modified and you want to see how things look like when they’re being worn. So what do you think of the necklace below? I haven’t modified anything, honestly, and I think it really adds to my outfit and is something you’d definitely notice.

photo 4

The viewing of the Spring / Summer collection took place at the BB Bakery in Covent Garden, which was the ideal venue. Just as you could pick’n’mix delicate cakes and pastries from the afternoon tea stands, you could drool over the jewellery.

You only have to look at this photo below to see how wide the range is. If you’re a bit edgy like me, you might like the Love Me More caption in the middle, or if you like something more classic then the one directly above that with silver swirls in and gold case is pretty yet stylish.

photo 1


You can choose between silver, gold and rose gold chains but the coins come in all colours. Above you can see a pink one (top left) and below you can see a stunning blue one that looks a bit Greek-inspired to me.

And we all know that sometimes a neckline of a dress or a top won’t allow you to wear a necklace. So you now have the option of wearing your fave coin on your wrist with a chunky bracelet.


photo 2

Does this tickle your fancy yet? Visit the Nikki Lissoni website for much more! In terms of prices, the more crystals and intricacy on the design the more it costs but the coins start from an affordable £30 with chains starting from £25. That’s not too much to pay to look like a Pussycat Doll / X Factor judge and Made in Chelsea star is it?

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