Thursday Showbiz Round-Up!

Hello VIPs! Happy Thursday. Who’s already made plans for the weekend? Let us know if you have. In the meantime, here’s some juicy showbiz gossip to keep you busy.

Leona Lewis has made her acting debut in the musical Walking on Sunshine which is set to release this summer. The movie is 80’s inspired and she also lends her vocal ability to film.

leona lewis

Simon Cowell has blamed Gary Barlow for the X-Factor ratings slump. He also mentioned, ‘Gary was seen as the head judge- and so am I. I do believe I am the best person at spotting a potential star and making them work well on the show’. Ouch.

Simon cowell

Hugh Hefner celebrated his 88th birthday with wife Crystal. Did he have a massive party? No. He watched his favourite movie Casablanca just like last year!

Hugh Hefner

Oprah sure knows how to work it in a photo-shoot. She posed effortlessly for her own O Magazine. It’s hard to believe she’s 60 years old.


Remember Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina The Teenage Witch? Well she stripped down to her bikini for a Nutrisystem commercial after dropping 40lbs. Looking incredible.

Melissa joan ahrt

Johnny Depp’s fiancée Amber Heard was seen wearing a pink wig for a new movie amidst claims she’s pregnant. Congratulations if she is!

Amber heard

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are set to wed in Hawaii with only 20 people in attendance. Initially she wanted to tie the knot in Mexico but seems like she’s had a change of heart!

Jennifer Aniston

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