Inside The Rio 2 Celebrity Gala Screening

When you go to the cinema, you want to see a film that makes your eyes-pop, warms your heart and has you on the edge of your seat as you’re never quite sure what will happen next. Rio 2 has all of these elements in glorious 3-D, making it better viewing on the big screen than at home. The blue macaws and other bird characters are in bright technicolour, you can’t help but feel for the endangered but Westernised birds Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) while laughing your socks off at the canary and cardinal bird double act (Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am) and you’re unsure whether humans are good or bad and whether the bird family can escape all the dangers. I watched it all the way through and LOVED it!

With the Easter holidays coming up soon, this is a film for the entire family. The celebrities got in first on the act, taking their kids to the UK gala screening at Leicester Square’s Vue Cinema, where I caught up with them to ask for some VIP tips. First up was Michelle Heaton with her adorable daughter Grace.


Michelle only had a caeserean section for her second baby 4 weeks ago so she can’t exercise but she’s looking amazing. Her VIP tip is that it’s 80% nutrition so she’s eating a healthy diet and waiting til she can get back in the gym. And the faux fur jacket? It’s from the high street as Michelle said she’s a girl that likes a bargain. She’s a girl after her own heart.

Talking of fashion, Kate Garraway looked gorgeous and full of the joys of Spring in a yellow outfit. The shoes are from Dorothy Perkins and the trousers, top and coat are all Tu at Sainbury’s. She makes it look a million dollars!


TV presenter Jenni Falconer took a break from her London Marathon training to chill out with her daughter. So if you want legs like hers, maybe it’s time to get some trainers at hit the streets? Running won’t cost you anything and you’ll burn tons of calories. Jenni also told me that she’d already watched the film for work and yet she came back to watch it at the gala screening to take her daughter. Finding out that someone watched a film twice is a good sign that it’s good, right?



We took some video at the event, which we will be posting as soon as it’s edited. Watch this space!


Rio 2 will be in cinemas 4 April

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