Bathe Like A VIP: Hotel Bathroom Inspiration

It’s all very well putting on a VIP show to the world with our fashion and beauty but nobody is truly a VIP until their house is in order. I want to tackle this problem room by room, starting with my  favourite room of the house – the bathroom. Every moment I spend in my bathroom is ‘me’ time – luxuriating in the bath, putting on a luxury hair treatment or applying a face mask. It’s the place I go to escape the world and that’s why it’s important it’s a space that makes me feel special. Don’t you want the same?

Until recently, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my bathroom. The bath’s a good size, I have a heated towel rack and there’s a powerful light above the mirror (essential for applying make-up). But then I visited the Baglioni Hotel in London’s Kensington and I got bathroom envy. Immediately, I wanted to re-tile my bathroom but then I got busy with work and I put it off and thought no more about it…until I visited the W Hotel in Leicester Square.


Inspired by London’s most luxurious and VIP hotels, I’ve got some inspiration for my own bathroom. So have a read of the five things I’ve learned from hotel bathrooms below and let me know if you have any other suggestions. Tweet me @livelikeavip

(1)    Jacuzzi – W Hotel Leicester Square


I said earlier that my bath is a good size but it doesn’t have any exploding bubbles! Obviously I use bubble bath and drink a glass of fizz in the tub but how cool would it be to have massage jets?

(2)    Black Tiles and Mirrors – Baglioni Hotel


When I first walked in this bathroom it took my breath away. The black is so sophisticated and classy and very unisex – it might encourage men to spend more time in the bathroom, which can only be a good thing judging by most men’s feet. (I HATE MEN’S FEET!)

Black can obviously make rooms appear smaller so you do need to have a lot of mirrors in a bathroom like this.

(3)    Proper Taps – Corinthia Hotel


I know it’s weird to think about something as small as the taps but I like old fashioned hot and cold taps rather than the new ones that mix hot and cold together. I know its easy to burn yourself on the hot tap but I’d deal with that (turn it on gently) for the way it looks with these old school taps

(4)    Solid Sink – Sanderson Hotel


I don’t want a sink exactly like this as it wouldn’t go with the taps I like but seeing the solid basin in the bathroom of the suite at the Sanderson hotel (when I attended the Kardashians for Lipsy press day) made me realise the importance of having a solid washbasin. If it’s good quality ceramic then it’s looks more luxury and us VIP need luxury.

(5)    TV in the bath – Arch Hotel


I am in two minds about this. I do spend a lot of time in the bath and it would be cool to watch TOWIE in the bath with some bubbles. But being in a bath is good thinking time. I think the solution should be to get one and I don’t have to turn it on all the time.

What do you think to my plans? Reckon all the five elements will mix together? Reckon I need anything else? I’m getting a bit obsessed by shopping for fittings for luxury bathrooms

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