Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

Hi VIPs! What’s everyone doing this weekend? Whatever it is, hope you have a good time! Here’s some showbiz gossip to start your weekend off.

Former Steps star Claire Richards has battled her weight issues within the public eye. However now at a size 14 she is finally confident with her body. So much so that she unveiled a vintage plus sized range! She looks terrific in the campaign.

Claire Richards

Who’s wondering what Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz are up to after their 15 minutes of five? Well they went on a romantic getaway to Thailand! Jasmine updated her Twitter account by posting a picture of them clubbing and mentioning they were having a bad time. Not!

Jasmine Waltz

TOWIE’s Sam Faiers has finally been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after suffering for the past couple of weeks, including her once in a lifetime stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Wishing her all the best!

Sam Faiers

Beyonce has shared more images of Jay Z helping her prepare for her BRITs performance. There was also another shot of them celebrating after. Best romance ever!


Lamar Odom’s demons were publicised in Keeping Up With Kardashians. Seems like he still refuses to believe that his marriage over, two months after filed for divorce. He is STILL wearing his wedding ring! Time to move on.

Lamar Odom

In other Kardashian news, it must be tough for Kylie Jenner to keep up after her sister Kendall’s been hogging all the attention during her modelling takeover. Kylie decided to upload a bikini snap on social media with the caption- ‘Is it Summer yet?’ Well living in California, it’s Summer all year round!

Kylie Jenner

Miley Cyrus just can’t keep her clothes off. She tweeted a sexy topless image for the cover of her new single ‘Adore You’.

Miley Cyrus

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