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VIPs deserve to get the news first so rather than follow trends we’re going to get ahead of them. When we hear something we like we’re going to tell you so that you can be cool before your friends. Brummie four-piece Superfood look set to have a great year with their EP “MAM” due to be released March 3rd. If you’re liking the ubiquitous nineties revival, wear baggy sweaters and optional beanie then you may well like Superfood.
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It might also help if you like guitar bands. Visit their label’s site and you’ll see their music described as “artfully-crafted college rock”.

Superfood came about from chance meetings and the demo of “Superfood” was born from their very first recording session. The four-piece’s name came from this first track. They describe wanting their music to have “the Beastie Boys’ hip-hop beats” and you can kind of see the New Yorkers’ influence on Superfood if not just in the artwork on their website. Observe this Beastie Boys artwork and then visit Superfood’s own website.
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Really, whoever designed their website I’d very much like to buy a drink – just look at it. It’s pixellated genius:

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Signed to Infectious Records, Superfood supported fellow Birmingham-dwellers Peace last year and attracted attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. Their “first offering to the world” (as they put it) came last year in April, the aforementioned “Superfood”. The “MAM” EP will feature four tracks including “TV” and “Bubbles” which you can see below.

Superfood will be supporting Wolf Alice throughout May in a number of venues up and down the UK – check them out! See their Facebook page for more info

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