Outdo Alexa Chung with Chanel’s Breathtaking Mascara

As a mascara-maniac I thought I’d already found the perfect mascara, that was until last week when I ventured outside of my comfort zone and tried out Chanel’s Le Volume de Chanel mascara and ended up with lashes that would give even Alexa Chung a run for her money.


Alexa Chung and her dreamy lashes!


I’ve always had a rocky relationship with mascara as I have sensitive eyes paired with fair lashes which aren’t short but certainly aren’t long and although not sparse, I wouldn’t say that they  are voluminous – I guess what I’m trying to say is that they’re my lashes are just very ‘blaaaaah’. My eyelashes don’t stand out on their own which is why mascara is probably the most important tool in my makeup kit.


Alexa’s lovely lashes. Again.


Before now, I had been religiously using Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara (RRP £19.50) which I loved, in fact I loved it so much that I wrote about it in a previous post.  However, as great as this mascara was, I couldn’t help but want to try a new mascara because, well, I get easily bored using the same makeup products time and time again and whether they’re good or not, I still like to mix things up and hunt around for other products (I like to live life on the edge, you see…….well, on the edge of a mascara wand at least!).


chanel mascara 2
Chanel’s Le Volume de Chanel Mascara (RRP £24)


Now don’t get me wrong, I am a massive Benefit junkie and their They’re Real Mascara is amazing BUT I’d always wanted to try out a Chanel mascara.  I don’t know why I had a Chanel craving other than perhaps just the word ‘Chanel’ makes me go a little bit weak at the knees whether it’s used in a fashion, perfume or makeup context.  After a sizeable chunk of my day spent researching Chanel mascaras, I found myself drawn to their Le Volume de Chanel Mascara, why?  I really don’t know, but it happened so I just went with it and bought it to satisfy this craving of mine.


Sorry Alexa, but you’re not the only one working those longer lashes now!


I genuinely couldn’t have been anymore nervous when I applied the mascara for the first time, there was just so much hope and expectation in that tiny bottle full of eyelash dreams.  The application of the mascara is incredibly smooth – there are no lumps nor clumps or even bumps!  It immediately separates your lashes and adds both volume and a little length but in a subtle way.  The subtle factor of this mascara is ideal for daytime makeup as it’s enough to open up your eyes without looking like you’re ready for a full-on night out.  The magic of this mascara is it’s buildability, I found that I could add more coats to create a more dramatic eye which gave it a versatility that few mascaras in my opinion can compete with.  It’s available in three shades – Noire (a glossy rich black), Bleu (a gorgeous rich blue) and Prune (a dark burgundy) which are all stunning in their own right.


My sad little lashes before Le Volume de Chanel was applied


As someone who tends to avoid wearing false lashes due to not only finding them damn near impossible to stay on but also because the eyelash glue sometimes makes my eyes water, I can feel a little self-conscious about my lashes looking unimpressive when I see all my beautiful friends wearing their lashes and looking fab.  However, this mascara makes me feel confident with my natural lashes without any need to reach for the those falsies and that eye watering lash glue which is ideal!  Plus, this mascara looks awesome with a smoky eye.


My much happier lashes after I applied two coats of Le Volume de Chanel


I really feel like this mascara is ‘The One’ – it’s versatile, looks great on and doesn’t affect my sensitive eyes – what more could I actually want?  This is definitely as good as it’s ever going to get for my lashes and I’m completely ok with that, well I’m more than ok, I’m ecstatic!

Have you tried Le Volume de Chanel mascara before? Got some good mascara recommendations? drop us comment and let us know!

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