Eyebrows like Cara Delevingne: Pencil vs Powder

With celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley all rocking the big eyebrow look, it has once again posed that age old question: ‘what’s better – eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder?’.  So with that in mind, I think that it’s about time that we had a look at the pros and cons of pencils and powders so that you can get the best out of your brows and give Cara a run for her money!


Cara Delevingne’s beautiful brows

In my experience, I’ve always considered eyebrow powder to give more of a subtle and natural eyebrow look as I find that with eyebrow pencils you run the risk of creating a more severe look.  However, provided that you use the eyebrow pencil correctly then there’s no reason that you can’t create a beautiful brow.  Eyebrow pencils are great as you can just throw them in your handbag so should you need to top up your brows whilst out and about then those perfect pencils are easily transportable.  I’ve always found eyebrow pencils much quicker to use than powder and I can guarantee that if I’m running late (which I somehow seem to do quite frequently) I’m far more likely to reach past my eyebrow powder and go straight for my eyebrow pencil.

Lily Collins’ eye-luring eyebrows!

One of the best brow pencils out there has to be MAC’s Veluxe Brow Liner as it’s incredibly soft and pigmented which means you won’t have any hard lines or streaks when filling in your eyebrows.  Also, because it’s so pigmented I find that I can either apply it lightly for subtle eyebrow definition or if I want a stronger and dramatic look then I can apply it a little heavier and hey presto, hello show-stopping eyebrows!  It also has an eyebrow spoolie (a little eyebrow brush) on the other end of the pencil so that you can brush through your brows before, during and after the application.

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner (RRP £15.50)


Although the eyebrow pencil is my weapon of choice if I’m in a rush, eyebrow powder is always my go-to tool if I’ve allowed enough time to get ready.  It’s just super soft which is what gives you that subtle and natural eyebrow look.  You can avoid any hard lines or streaks and get a nice even colour with powder because you’re applying it with a brush which is a far more gentle application process.  Throughout my many years of trying to attain the perfect brow, I’ve found that Benefit’s Brow Zings kit is as close to perfect as you’re going to get with a powder.  Benefit includes a brow wax in their kit as well which you apply to your brows beforehand and this shapes and defines your eyebrows.  You then follow the wax with the powder which basically fills in any gaps.


Benefit Brow Zings kit (RRP £23.50)


Choosing between powder or pencil for your eyebrows is a tough decision, I mean, if someone came up to me and was all like ‘You HAVE to choose, if you don’t make a decision I’ll shave off your eyebrows!’ (which is quite unlikely but you just never know in this day and age really) then I’d probably opt for eyebrow powder.  Even though powder takes a little longer to apply, I prefer the overall affect.  Really though, it’s whatever works for you and you’ll only figure that out by experimenting with different powders and pencils and seeing which looks best.


We can’t help but envy Emma Watson’s stunning brows


Your eyebrows frame your face so it’s important that you choose the best product to create the best brows and make those eyes pop (not literally of course because popping eyes would be pretty gross).  So don’t let Cara or Lily or Emma or even Keira be the only the eyebrow beauties on the scene, whether you’re a pencil pusher or believe in powder power –  give those starlets a run for their money and get bigger brows now!


Keira Knightley’s show stopping eyebrows

What do you prefer to use, powder or pencil?  Are you a fan of the big brow craze? Let us know by dropping us a comment!



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