VIP Body: How To Maintain A January Weightloss

Statistics say that 80 % of people who lose weight in January put it back on in February and throughout the rest of the year but I don’t want that to happen to me. I lost 5 lbs by following the meal delivery programme and I plan to keep it off by making changes to my lifestyle , purely because I’m vain and I want to look better in my clothes and look better naked.

When making lifestyle changes like this, I find it inspirational to have a goal in mind. I did the programme because celebs with hot bodies that I admire (including Caroline Flack and Gabby Logan) followed it. So for my healthy lifestyle plan, I asked five hot celebs for their tips and this is what they said:

Pixie Lott


‘I don’t drink a lot of alcohol and I find that when I do I really feel it the next day. I’ve learned you don’t always need to drink on nights out – you can have a girly night out and dance without having to reach for the cocktails. Non-alcoholic cocktails taste just as good!’

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Leona Lewis

"Salt" UK Premiere - Arrivals

‘If you want to be toned you need to work out. My boyfriend Dennis got me into Barry’s Bootcamp and I go to their studios in London or LA whenever I get the chance. I try to work out at least three times a week.’


Khloe Kardashian (photographed with me at the Kardashians for Lipsy launch)


‘My philosophy is EAT EVERYTHING but reduce your portion sizes. If you deprive yourself you crave it more so it’s stupid. Also, life revolves around the dinner table in my house so if you restrict yourself you will be miserable. Eat that pizza but eat one or two slices and not the whole pizza!’

Try eating off a smaller plate so your brain thinks the plate is fuller than what it is.

Davina McCall


‘Up the intensity of your workout and it will save you time! I would use the stepper in the gym for 30 minutes, but I’d be reading a magazine at the same time!  Really, I should’ve been doing a 15-minute workout on the stepper and wiping the sweat from my eyes!’


 Cameron Diaz


‘Use weights. At the gym, I’ll do intervals on the treadmill for 5 minutes, jamming out for 30 seconds at 10 or 12 mph, then resting for 15 seconds. Then I do lunges with rows, squats, and pushing and pulling cables. I use 10- to 15-pound weights if I want to build muscle or 5- to 8-pound weights if I’m maintaining; you have to figure out your own needs and fitness level. I do two sets of 15 reps on everything. The whole thing takes me 20 to 30 minutes.’


 Based on all this info, I guess I’m going to have to work out more in 2014, aren’t I? However, three times a week for 20-30 minutes at a time does sound manageable. What do you think – are you up for joining me and making sure we’re the ones who keep the weight off? Tweet me @zoegriffin and let’s support each other through it.

Zoe Griffin

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