VIP Beauty: Schwarzkopf’s Model Product Launches

London’s Ice Tank venue is a cool space to have a product launch so when hair giant Schwarzkopf invited us to view a collaboration with Claudia Schiffer, we knew we were in for something special. It was an all day affair and I was so happy to get treated to a new hairdo and a hand massage as well as an in-depth description of their exciting new products that we can all buy right now. It’s not just Claudia Schiffer that has fab hair you know…

Claudia Schiffer has worked exclusively with the  Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME/Schwarzkopf blonde ULTIME ranges to create the ultimate hair product for anyone wanting to achieve hair like hers- and frankly who wouldn’t? Especially designed for women with blonde hair, the Schwarzkopf blonde ULTIME features a pearl essence which enables women to achieve a high performing shade of blonde. Claudia Schiffer’s personal shade is 10-1 Cool Light Blonde and is shown on the picture of the packaging. The Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME offers women luxurious all around hair care which Claudia Schiffer knows all too well about. Nourishing ingredients are used which repairs the hairs natural elasticity. With over 15 products in the portfolio every hair need is catered too! These products have been released this month so I encourage every blonde to see what the fuss is about; and it’ll be worth it!

Blonde Ultime 10-1

Here is another perfect product for all you blonde bombshells – The LIVE Color XXL range has introduced the NEW LIVE Color XXL Toner Mousse which neutralises brassy, yellow tones and brightens up dull blondes. The mousse is available in two colours- Icy Platinum and Champagne Blonde. Get that perfect blonde shade now!

LIVE Toner Icy Platinum M01


My personal favourite has got to be the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL- Ultra Brights range, which features a shade I am desperate to try- Turquoise Temptation! This vibrant and edgy shade has been featured on stars such as Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Kate Bosworth! I would have to wait a little longer as this shade will be available from May 2014! In the meantime, there are other stunning colours which could tickle your fancy!


The got2be line is a unisex styling range that has launched its new got2be Oil-licious weightless DRY OIL MIST. This product contains argan oil and is fantastic for everyday use letting you create smooth and tangle free styles easily, complete with a glorious shine. The new got2be glued spiking wax keeps a strong hold on hairstyles without the sickly crunch. Perfect! There is also the got2be Rise ‘N’ Shine line which features the Rise and Shine soufflé,whipped mousse and hairspray. These products lets you create textured hair like Mila Kunis, luminous shine like Pixie Lott and a star-worthy hold like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Make me look like a celeb please!

Rise 'n shine HS pack shot with 'new'

So whatever your hair needs, Schwarzkopf most definitely have you covered 🙂 Oh and they’re well within your budget. Bonus!

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