Lily Allen’s Leopard Print Nails

I don’t know about you, but as a nail art groupie, I’m all about finding easy ways to achieve awesome nail art (like Lily’s!) which is why I think it’s pretty damn important that I bring Konad to your attention.  Konad created stamping nail art which is possibly the most genius nail art invention I have ever stumbled across – it’s both easy to use and incredibly effective.

Lily’s leopard print nails
A close-up of Lily’s wild nails!

For those of you who have not heard of Konad’s stamping nail art, let me break it down for you,  there are 4 Konad items that are needed to create your nail art: the stamper, the scraper, the image plate and some Konad Nail Art  Special Polish.  You can get all these items from Amazon and there are lots of sets which cuts down the price but it’s all pretty cheap anyway (for example, you can get the stamper and scraper in a set for a little over £5 from Amazon). The process of this nail stamping reminds me of stencilling in a way (mostly because the image plate is like a stencil!) and it’s insanely simple to use.  You begin by painting your nails like normal so use a decent quality base coat and then two coats of your chosen base colour.  Leave your nails to dry, and this is important as if they’re not 100% dry then it’s not going to work so be patient otherwise you’ll only have yourself to blame!  Once your nails are fully dry, then comes the fun stamping part – choose your image plate (if you want Lily Allen’s leopard print pattern then use the Konad image plate M57) and use your Konad Nail Art Special Polish to paint over the pattern on the image plate (you must use the Konad Nail Art Special Polish as normal nail varnish won’t work and it’ll make you look a fool!).  Then using your scraper, scrap it over the pattern which will remove the excess polish.  Next, grab your stamper and stamp it over the pattern in a rolling motion and then carefully stamp the pattern onto your nail following your nail’s curve……….and you’re done!

Konad Stamper and Scraper set
Konad Image Plate (M57)

You can finish off with a topcoat (Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat is my personal favourite) and that’s literally it.  For my leopard print nails, I decided to add a French tip just because I like to live life on the edge but they would have been just as nice minus the French tip.  There are loads, and by loads I mean HUNDREDS, of Konad image plates on Amazon so there’s a huge number of nail art patterns and designs to choose from.  What I love about Konad is that it creates professional looking nail art where little skill is involved so you really don’t have to be some kind of ambidextrous nail art-creating genius to end up with some amazing VIP-looking nails.  Give it a go and give Lily Allen a run for her money!

My Konad creations!

Have you used Konad before?  What did you think?  Leave a comment because we know you want to!

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