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As I explained in my last blog post outlining my New Year’s Resolutions, I put on 10 lb between July and December 2013. I should also add that I drank Champagne five out of seven nights a week for the month of December (as there was always an excuse for a celebration!). As a result, I started January feeling toxic.

Diet is the first way I’m changing this in 2014 but I’m open to trying anything that promises to make me feel healthier and eliminate the chemicals in my body from the over-indulgences. Have you heard of the Iyashi Dome before?


In 2012, I tried this treatment when it was hidden away in a small basement of a health foods shop in Bloosmbury. If you check out that review you’ll see I loved it at the time (and Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore have also used it). The key thing – you can burn 600 calories (the equivalent of a 20km run) in just 30 mins by LYING DOWN!

However, I was recently given the opportunity to try it again as My Detox Diet, the company that has London’s only Iyashi Dome, has opened a spectacular new flagship store in Greenwich. Inside there are fresh juices and a health food shop (and if you don’t live anywhere near London you can get these on line for a 3 day / 7 day juice cleans or detox diet). There’s a beauty room offering everything from manicures and pedicures to colonic hydrotherapy (which is apparently quite popular with brides and bridesmaids-to-be). It looks so girly inside – I loved the look of it.


The store is less than 5 mins from The Cutty Sark DLR station, which is just 15 mins from Bank so it’s really not that hard to get to and for the feeling of vitality you get afterwards its well worth it.

The Iyashi Dome works by emitting vibrations of far-infrared rays from the unique black carbon dome, in line with the infrared naturally produced in the body. The heat penetrates up to 40mm under the skin, which helps purify, deeply cleanse, reduce cellulites and helps hold back some of those signs of ageing.

I was shown up to what looked like a bedroom (it’s a very glamorous building) with relaxing paintings on the walls, candles and some soft classical music in the background. This made me feel warm and cosy before I stepped into the Dome. The treatment was 30 mins long and this is divided into 15 mins gently lying on my stomach and 15 mins turned onto my back (when the temperature rises up). I definitely sweated more when I was on my back but the lovely Ilona , co-owner of My Detox Diet, told me to take my arms out of the Dome to cool down if it became too much. She did indeed find me with my arms in the air! The heat made me feel as restful as if I was on a beach practising hot yoga.


After the session, I felt a difference immediately in my skin. I met a friend for a light dinner afterwards and she said I was glowing. I was very thirsty afterwards but my body craved water. It’s never done this before (I’ve even dreamed about Champagne) and I reckon it’s my body sub-conciously helping me wash the toxins through my system as well as sweating them out. With regular use this would definitely help with weight-loss, particularly if you retain a lot of water when it’s your time of the month, but the best reason to do it is part of a detox. It’s the equivalent of the conversion kick in rugby. You might have scored the try with the diet you’ve been following but to truly help your body eliminate the toxins the Iyashi Dome can step up what you’ve already been doing.

The best news? It’s cheaper than when I last tried it in Bloomsbury. A single session is £35 but you can also buy 10 for £300 on the My Detox Diet website. It’s especially nice in Winter to treat your body to some lovely heat but, unlike a sauna, you don’t have to share it with anyone. It’s 30 mins of pure bliss – just for you.

Let me know if you decide to try it? I’m on Twitter @zoegriffin and you can also follow My Detox Diet @mydetoxdiet_UK



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