My Food Diet Plan: Day 1

WARNING: This post contains a selfie where I don’t have make-up on. You may find images disturbing etc

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to ‘lose weight’. So if you’re on a mission to shed a few pounds in 2014, you can rest assured that you are not the only one – I’m joining you.

I’m 5ft 9′ tall so it’s quite easy for me to add some extra weight and hide it. There’s more space over my body for it to go. I don’t weigh myself often but I did it before my birthday and I was 10 stone. I weighed myself on Boxing Day (probably the worst time to weigh myself) and I was 10 st 12, practically 11 stone. It was clear I was eating (and drinking) more than I should as that equates to a steady gain of 2-3 lbs a month – it crept up on me, I swear. On 7 January, the day before starting a two week diet trial, I weigh 10 st 9. And this is how my body looks:


It’s not awful, but I would like a flatter stomach and I would like my hips and thighs to appear smaller. I have high standards as I am constantly comparing myself to celebrities but I also think it’s a question of health. It’s not healthy to creep up on the scales. If I keep eating the way I was before Christmas I’m going to keep getting bigger – Would I get to 11.5 stone before I knew it? No! Something has to change and that’s where My Food comes in.

The very trim Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has tried the My Food meal plans and she has a stunning figure (I’d kill for those legs!) Gabby Logan – my favourite sports presenter – has also endorsed it, saying the food programme she followed with My Food didn’t feel like she deprived herself. She still had enough energy to work, look after her twins and exercise. That sounds like my kind of plan and look at how gorgeous and lean Gabby is:


I’ve never tried a calorie controlled food delivery company before so I had no idea what to expect. The first thing that surprised me was the options available. They don’t ship the same meals to everyone! You can select the food depending on your goals so you could do a quick fix diet for a special event like a holiday (restricting the calories a lot), a protein rich diet if you have an active lifestyle but still want to lose weight or the plan I chose – the New Year Resolution Plan.

Once you decide what day you want to start, you’re sent a text message the night before delivery to track your food package. On the day of the delivery, I followed the link and was given a one hour window so I could arrange for someone to be in at that time. Unless you have a fridge and a freezer with a lot of room at your workplace, it’s not really an option to get it delivered to work.

I was a bit scared at first – all the food for seven days was inside the box below. It doesn’t look very big!


However, I found that the food has just been well packed as I pulled out a lot of pouches! There was also the day to day menu written clearly on a piece of paper so you can pin it to your fridge as a reminder. I put the food for the end of the week in my freezer and I’m going to get it out day by day.

For five days out of the next seven days, two scoops of this will be my breakfast


I’m quite looking forward to the soup for lunch – there seems to be a lot for one person in each pouch!



Dinner looks even better and the portions are massive. I’m especially relieved to see that I can still eat spaghetti and rice noodles as I imagined before I started that I would be given a salad the size of a fist and that would be it. Not at all!


My main worry at the start is the lack of sweet things. I’m really sure how I’m going to manage a whole week without chocolate, particularly as I ate it after every meal around the Christmas period.

I’ll update you half way through this week – come back Friday afternoon to see how I’m getting on! You can also follow me on Twitter @zoegriffin

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