Get the WAH Factor Like Little Mix And Paloma

‘Hi,I’m Live Like a VIP writer Amanda and I’m addicted to nail art’ is what I’d say if there was such a thing as NAA (Nail Art-aholics Anonymous – just in case you were wondering!) Rihanna would be my sponsor and a wondrous place like WAH Nails would be 100% off limits.  So THANK GOODNESS NAA does not exist because I decided to check out WAH Nails recently and it was most possibly the highlight of my life (not to be too dramatic or anything!).


With celebrity fans including Paloma Faith, Eliza Doolittle, Nicola Roberts and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson, WAH Nails’ star has risen ever since being set up by founder Sharmadean Reid in 2005.  WAH Nails has since moved from a salon in Dalston to take up residency at Topshop’s flagship store in Oxford Street giving it centre stage in all things fashion and giving me no choice but to pay it a visit.

If it’s good enough for Paloma…

After much consideration, and by consideration I mean an internal monologue which went a bit like this: ‘Should I get my nails done at WAH Nails? Yes.  Yes I should.’  So just like that, a life changing decision had been made and my fate had been sealed.

Little Mix’s Jesy has the WAH factor!

Deciding what to get was daunting as the ‘Do I get acrylics?’ question was something that needed to be seriously considered as I’d never had them before.  I chose to go all out and get the acrylics, at £52 they’re not exactly cheap but you do get a £10 discount on nail art so that helps making the paying part a little bit less painful.

WAH Nails at Topshop

The beauty of WAH Nails being in Topshop means that if you arrive early for your appointment you can browse all the delights that this store has to offer.  Which is exactly what I did.  When my WAH Nails time came, I was shown a whole range of nail art designs on the wall to choose from which almost brought me to meltdown and I finally came to understand the saying ‘like a fat kid in a candy store’.  Prices ranged from £25-£40 for the nail art but you could mix and match so if you chose one design which was £25 that would be £2.50 per nail just like the £40 design would be £4 per nail – this was all explained to me when I was choosing my designs so I knew exactly what I would be paying.  There is also a £5 mix and match fee which is only added if you opt for different designs on each nail.  I decided to do the mix and match option and made sure that I chose designs which I knew I would never be able to create myself (I mean, call me crazy but choosing designs that I could do would have felt like somewhat of a waste of money).  In the end, I chose a comic book themed ‘POW’ design, a tuxedo, the American flag, two swallows with a smattering (love that word!) of gems including Swarovski crystals and a cartoon happy face.

My finished WAH Nails!

I won’t lie to you, my appointment took a fair while but I kind of expected that it would so it wasn’t exactly a shock.  My nail artist was lovely which made the time go quickly, she informed me that herself and a few other WAH girls had been doing the nails for the dancers and singers at a gig the night before and if it’s good enough for’s entourage then it’s good enough for me!

nicola robert2s
Nicola Roberts hiding behind her WAH Nails

Once my nails were finished, I could not stop staring at them.  It was ridiculous.  My nails had just never looked that amazing before, they were like teeny tiny works of art.  They came to around £76 which may sound pricey but it was completely worth it.  The amount of compliments I got on my nails justified the price in my opinion.  I probably wouldn’t get acrylics again, purely because they weren’t particularly practical in day-to-day life and since taking them off my nails feel quite weak and flimsy.  However, I would definitely get the nail art done again as it was visually stunning and would be a fair bit cheaper minus the acrylics.

The infamous design wall at WAH Nails

As far as I’m concerned, everyone should experience WAH Nails – it’s edgy, it’s fun and it’s as close to nail art perfection as you’ll ever get!

What do you think?  Have you visited WAH Nails before?  Do us favour and let us know what you think because we bet it’s something pretty great!


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