VIP Video Pick: Jennifer Lawrence Hugs Fan

Sometimes when you see what a celebrity is like on a video it gives you more of an insight into their character than just looking at photos.When we saw this video of Jennifer Lawrence, we fell in love with her even more.

We love it when stars show their humble side – and it’s not often that Oscar-winning celebrities are so down to earth that they break out from the barriers of a red carpet premiere to console a crying fan – but that’s exactly what Jennifer Lawrence did at the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in London last week.

Jennifer spotted the crying fan mid-interview, and walked off to move the security barrier to get to the girl; leaving the red carpet so she could reach down to her wheelchair and give her a hug. The scene was captured on film, and is definitely one of the most heart warming VIP videos we’ve seen. Take a look here:

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