Exclusive Interview: VIP Tips From Khloe Kardashian

Do you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Khloe (the tall blonde one) recently came to London to promote the sisters’ new clothing collection for Lipsy and I got the chance to interview her before a star-studded party in London’s Natural History Museum.

This was a big moment for me as I have watched the Kardashians since Series 1. These ladies make a living from being fabulous as the TV show follows them shopping, lunching with friends, doing photoshoots, and occasionally popping in to oversee things at their  DASH stores in LA, Miami and New York. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny that the Kardashians have an enviable lifestyle.

I only got a few minutes with her, but I made the most of it to get her VIP advice on fashion, exercise and how to take a great Instagram selfie.


What fashion advice would you give your 18 year old self?

KK: When I was 18, I don’t know why, I used to wear Sean John men’s velour sweatsuits, I thought I was really cool. They were a couple of sizes too big, so I don’t know what I was thinking. You can go out and buy a tracksuit, but please do not buy a man’s one!

Do you feel pressure to be a certain size and how do you deal with that?

KK: My weight has always fluctuated and I recently lost a lot of weight but it took me a year to do that.  I love to eat so I am sure that if I changed that and went on a diet I could have done it a lot quicker. It was more of a lifestyle choice so I decided to go to the gym four or five days a week so I could eat what I want. That was a lifestyle choice not coz I felt pressure.

However, when I was bigger I got a lot of criticism and slack, which I thought was disgusting. Nobody should tell you what size you should or shouldn’t be. And if you love your body no matter what size it was then it’s your body.Even when Kim was pregnant I thought it was disgusting what people would say to her. She was pregnant, she was growing another life in her. And now she is looking amazing.


How do you cope with photos of you emerging from the gym?

KK: For the gym, I tend to wear all black as you feel slimmest in all black. I see girls in the gym and they’re wearing white and I think they’re so brave. I never wear make-up because I want to sweat. I see girls in full make-up and I think they’re not working out hard enough.


What are your top tips for posting selfies on your Instagram account [@khloekardashian]? 

KK: I feel like Instagram is supposed to be fun, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But people get pissed when you post too many selfies. And that just makes me want to post more [laughs].

But you have to know how to take a good selfie. You have to hold the camera up above you – never hold it down because you’ll have, like, four double chins! And I’m a flash girl. But really it’s all about the angle – if anyone’s down below I’m like “I’m sorry, you gotta move.”

Which is your go-to filter? Are you a ‘Valencia’ girl?

KK: It kind of depends what make up I’m wearing that day. But there’s an app that I like called KitCam. My little sisters showed it to me and it has different lenses which automatically transfer onto the iPhone. That is really cool. You learn a lot of things by having teenage sisters.

Last year Kourtney and Kim mentioned you have a two-against-one rule when dealing with design disagreements – what’s that about?

KK: Oh my god, the truth comes out. The truth comes out. What bitches [laughs]. Well, that is true. It’s a two against one rule. Kim is such a little traitor [laughs]! Because normally it’s me and Kim against Kourtney.

Kourtney has such different style from Kim and I – which doesn’t make it wrong, it’s just her style. There’s things that I could never pull off that Kourtney can. She’s very eclectic. But a lot of times when we design she’ll want to do these outrageous things, and I’m like “that’s not universal – not everyone can dress like you can.” And so we’ll get Kim’s vote and normally Kim agrees with me. But that’s what sisters do, and the more we work together the easier it is. But we still have that two against one rule [laughs].


FINALLY, what is the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

KK:I think for me it’s ‘Don’t let anyone else influence what decision you make in life.’ Your life is your life and you write your own story so if you feel in your gut that whatever your doing is right then go for it. You create your own happiness.’

The Kardashians For Lipsy collection can be seen on the Lipsy website now! You know you want to check it out, don’t you? Tweet me your thoughts @zoegriffin 

PS Check out my blog for fashion website Very.co.uk, to find out even more about the new collection.

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