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I love to push the boundaries and attend different types of parties so when I was invited to the VIP Preview evening of the Frieze Art Fair in London’s Regents Park I jumped at the chance. If you’re thinking about visiting Frieze then this blog post could help you make up your mind about whether to attend or not…and if you’re not going to attend at least you’ll get a chance to see some highlights without paying the £32 entry view. (And that doesn’t include the cost of a programme!)

It was hard work for me to attend this exhibition so do bear with me. I ended up getting terribly lost in a taxi as I hadn’t worked out where the building was in advance. Please click here for a map. Please note that there’s a difference between the Frieze Masters exhibit and the Frieze Art Exhibit. And if your taxi driver tries to drop you off in the wrong place then make sure you stand up for yourself. The only thing that kept me cheerful was the ever-positive Basia Briggs who took me as her guest to the preview evening.


As guests we did not have to pay for entry and the standard price of entry is £32 (or £52 if you want a programme). You’ll definitely be in there a couple of hours as the space is massive but I would advise checking the Frieze London website carefully to analyse what galleries are exhibiting so you can work out if you definitely want to go. Some stands are better than others. Here are a few photos of what you might see

A brightly coloured wall and floor mural complete with coloured every day objects (eg a carton of milk). Basia  (above) and I (below) did think it pretty. As there were  lot of indsutrial, mechanical sculptures (ie a helicopter blade or a chair made from bells), this crazy piece stood out and I did enjoy walking through a painting rather than just looking at one.


I was also drawn to a hangman’s noose with the neck part of the rope on the floor. Dark. The opposite of the colourful mural above.


Back to some cuteness – I couldn’t help but smile at this cat!


And now I’m not really sure what’s behind me in the photo below but it looked quite ‘conceptual’.



Here’s a bird of prey on a high chair. I think it stood out because it was white. Is someone insinuating the bird ate a baby?


And finally the weirdest exhibit of the night was four normal people under a black sheet. Why???




What do you think? Be honest! Tweet me @zoegriffin Is it worth £32 or should they pay you £32 for taking time out your night to attend it?

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