Studded Bags Are This Seasons Bag Of Choice!


So we’ve been mentioning Autumn fashion for a while now which all well good apart from one thing, what about accessories? Every girl needs her trusty handbag but if yours is starting to look a bit raggedy and you’ve only been holding onto it because it cost an arm and a leg it might be time to let it go. Heidi Klum was spotted at Heathrow Airport in London earlier this week sporting a black, studded bag and lets face it if it’s good enough for Heidi it’s good enough for us (we’re not sure about the rest of her outfit though)

Studded bags are a great way to add a bit of an edge to a girly outfit and there are plenty on the high street at affordable prices so bin old faithful and one of these shiny new bags should ease the pain.

River Island £120


Topshop £100.00


Aldo at ASOS £60.00


New Look £24.99


Boohoo £18.00


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