Inside The Macmillan DeLonghi Art Auction

I love art gallery events as you feel more cultured being surrounded by beautiful paintings and sculpture but the Macmillan DeLonghi art auction had a special twist – it was for charity. My artist friend Pandemonia had a lot in the auction and so that was a good excuse to check it out! The work below is Pandemonia with supermodel Natalia Vodianova.


Pandemonia was at practically every show during London Fashion Week so I am surprised she is not exhausted by now but she still looked in great shape. In yet another new dress – I would LOVE to see inside her wardrobe one day. It must be almost as good as glamorous socialite Basia Briggs (in white below) who always stands out in a crowd for the right reasons, injecting some fun everywhere she goes. And below left is a very important lady, the talented portrait photographer Aliona Adrianova. Check out Aliona’s website and you’ll see what I mean.

Aliona Adrianova, Basia Briggs, Pandemonia and Zoe Griffin

I also caught up with MTV preswnter Laura Whitmore, who was DJing at the event.

Laura ended up directly helping the charity as she bid for not just one but two paintings. Spending so much time behind the DJ booths and seeing the works was dangerous as it meant she was looking at the art all night. And the more you look the more you want it, right? Still, at least it was for charity.
Additional glamour came in the shape of Donna Air, who also helped the charity as she hosted the auction. Her job was to get on stage and whip guests up into a state of frenzy to cause them to buy! You can tell she is used to performing as she looked comfortable on the stage in front of a room of people. She was fierce (quite literally, if you look at her skirt!)



And it was great to see Katherine Jenkins with a smile on her face, as I always thought she looked a bit sad (or scarily thin) since splitting from Gethin Jones. Now she’s tanned and blooming and there are two reasons for that. Firstly, she has just got back from holiday in South Africa. Secondly, she has just signed a new record deal. There’s nothing like money to but a smile on a girl’s face…


Finally, newsreader Tasmin Khan and music manager Kiran Sharma brought some colour to the event. With Tasmin’s lipstick, Kiran’s incredible yellow top and my pink dress, I think we brightened up the Royal College of Art a bit.


Check out the Macmillan website for details of this event and other events that are fun and raise money for charity at the same time. They’re the sort of events I like. See you at one soon?

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