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Most of us workout our bodies a few times a week, but when was the last time you worked out your mind? The Elite models do it. As their lives are fast-paced and busy, that extra bit of emotional intelligence makes them more grounded. Plus if you’re confident then you can hold your head up high and walk better.

I have a VIP secret as I know they use the services of Human Technology self-development coaching designed to help individuals realise their potential.

human-techHuman Technology’s founder Thomas Van Berckel doesn’t just work with models though – his confidence boosters and advice works for sports people and business people to help them achieve their goals. Anyone can do it and if you want to be a VIP you need to eliminate things that are holding you back and get your brain in gear. Thomas and his team can be contacted at for details of courses and pricing details.

I’ll leave you with a little thought from his website:

Imagine there is a scoreboard that keeps an objective record of your actions. It doesn’t care what you think, how you feel, its not impressed by you or discouraged, it doesn’t listen to your rationalisations of why something didn’t happen. All it does is correctly report on ‘what is so’, whats actually there. So for example lets say you had a commitment to be at a meeting at 12.00, and you arrived at 12.05. Then the score wouldn’t show that you made the meeting, or that you were only five minutes late, or that you got stuck in a traffic jam. It would just score in the category called ‘you didn’t do what you said you would do’ . Another example, imagine you said you would do yoga five times this week, and you end up doing it four times the record wouldn’t say well done you did it four times good effort. Instead it would score in the column that says ‘didn’t do what you said you would do’. Now imagine if you were to track this scoreboard on a day by day basis. What would happen if we took an honest look at what we said we were gonna do and whether we actually achieved that exactly. Hypothetically if you gave yourself a point for achieving what you said, and 0 points for not doing what you said. What would your scoreboard look like?

This hit a chord with me as I know I would have a lot of zeros. If you want to change your scores then you need to work on your brain and your life choices. I hope Human Technology can help!

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