VIP Meet&Greet: Meeting Amanda Seyfried

Last night (13th August)’s ‘Meet the Actor’ Q&A session at the Apple Store in Regent Street saw Amanda Seyfried interviewed by Radio 1’s Edith Bowman, ahead of the release of her new film Lovelace on 23rd August.


Miss Seyfried explained that Lovelace was the hardest film for her to make to date, as “for the first time, she wasn’t playing a version of herself”. She explained many of the challenges of stepping into someone else’s skin (in this case Linda Boreman – who performed in blue movies under the name of Linda Lovelace) and even admitted that preparing for the role left her feeling “a bit like a stalker” when she met Linda Boreman’s adult children.


Amanda explained her love of playing darker characters, revealing that her mother works on a psychiatric ward and the eccentric people that she meets fascinate her. Aside from gushing about how great an actor co-star Seth MacFarlane proves to be, and how much donning her various costumes from the film helped her to get into character (although she was sad to have only gotten to wear the permed wig twice), Amanda spoke of how she would thank Linda Boreman if she were still alive today, for trying to tell her story.


These type of events are a great way to another side of the Hollywood star’s we think we know, and some of the great things I learned from this Q&A evening were that Amanda pretty much knows the London tube system off by heart, she loves the city, particularly Notting Hill, and shopping in Topshop, and that during her vacation she will be spending most of her time with her dog – who has his own Twitter account! (@finn_seyfried)


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