Stephanie Pratt’s Lovely In Leather On Date Night

Stephanie Pratt has it all – the LA tan, the priviliged upbringing and a party girl lifestyle. The only thing she is showing dubious taste in right now is dating Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea (but to be honest, it probably won’t last as that boy gets bored easily). She could do better when it comes to men…but at least she has it sorted when it comes to fashion:


I have found a leather skirt that is similar to Stephanie’s, which is a complete bargain – £12.99. Get it now at New Look!


Match it with a South ribbed vest from


However, the look is not complete without the strappy sandals. I love the Hollywood heels from ASOS


Lets hope Stephanie uses those heels to step all over Spencer as I just don’t think he’s good enough for her. What do you think? Tweet me @zoegriffin and I will always reply.

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