Hot Weather Heroes: Top Five Star Products

July was a scorcher and if this hot weather continues into August, it’s worthwhile investing in some new beauty products. I’m talking products that make it look like you sweat less, products that make you smell better, products that make you feel cooler and lighter and generally cleaner. Is that all too much to ask?

During the hot weather spell we had  in July I was a bit of a beauty bee.I say bee because if I heard buzz round a so-called Miracle product then I would fly over to try it faster than a bee to honey…but if I got whiff of something sweeter it would be bye bye to product number one and onto product number two.

Some of the products I got sent by PRs and some I bought myself but there are only a handful that I’m going to be sticking with come August. These are:

(1) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

I’m starting with the best, a product that I can never be without for the rest of my life. If you think this sounds dramatic then it might be because you haven’t tried it yet. It’s only recently come to the UK, previously a Stateside phenomenon with VIP fans from Madonna to Victoria Beckham. Paraben-, oil-, and fragrance-free, it preps skin beautifully and renders makeup completely water-resistant. This means make-up stays on for LONGER – up to 12 hours even in the sun. Get it at Liberty’s – £52

(2) Ioma Soothing Gel For Legs


Do you ever feel tired and sluggish in all the heat? This is the product for you. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to move and then when I do go outside, everything hurts and there’s no pool to jump into to cool down if you work in London like me. This soothing gel really relieves the sensation of tired, heavy legs – it’s like jumping into a pool without getting your hair wet! It’s not cheap – £55 – but a lot cheaper than the cost of a holiday to sit by the pool and its a decent size so it will last you all summer. Buy it at Harrods online

(3) Kiehls’ Skin Rescuer

New Yorkers Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Claire Danes are huge fans of Kiehls (so naturally I’ve always been first in line to jump on the celeb bandwagon and try new Kiehls products). However, until now I’ve never found the product that makes me want to swap anything out of my beauty regime to include it. Until now. This is a stress-minimizing hydrater and I have to admit that sometimes I can be a little highly strung. I never realised the effect this had on my skin until I tried this Kiehl’s skin rescuer as a moisturiser each morning – I feel fresher faced for sure. It’s £29.50 at Kiehl’s online

(4) Bliss Triple Energizing Oxygen Face Mask


I love the Bliss spas and so do the celebrities. Their havens of beauty in London and New York are visited by all the chicest stars – Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Uma Thurman are some of the names that spring to mind – because they have some unique and luxury treatments. One of the most popular is the triple oxygen facial…and now we can get the salon glow at home with triple oxygen products. Oxygen is necessary for cell metabolism – as you age, your oxygen levels decrease drastically, which is bad news for collagen and elastin production. But what I liked about this product is that it only takes 3 minutes to develop and it makes your skin feel hydrated and not tight, like some other masks. Hydration is vital for summer! It’s £39.90 at Bliss online

(5) Alterna anti-ageing caviar shampoo and conditioner

I know caviar sounds like a fad but don’t mock it until you try it. Katie Holmes is the new face of Alterna shampoo – one that my hairdresser Fabian from Haus of Hair made me try. I loved it! When dry my hair felt silkier and lighter than it had done in years. In hot weather, my hair gets really greasy so I found this a life saver. It helped my hair to go two days without washing, which is a miracle given the fact I sweated rather a lot running round the parties to get some celeb goss during this time. The drawback – it’s £33.50 a bottle, but I’m told the cheaper Alterna Bamboo shampoo is almost as good. Hmmm. Check out the products at

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