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Whether you are bored of the re-runs and made up reality shows on TV, you’re planning a summer holiday or you just want to make your commute more pleasant, you need a book that will engage you and transport you to another, more entertaining universe. Personally, I like books that are uplifting, contain a lot of romance / sex, a strong female character and an element of drama. I can’t pretend that I’m an intellectual, deep Booker prize kind if reader but if you like your books like how you like your celebrity gossip – titillating and cheeky – then welcome to my new weekly section about books.


I’m kicking it off on a Tuesday, largely because of this new book by Tracey Bloom – No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday.What a fantastic name! And actually when you think about it (and when it’s explained in the book as a reason why someone picks a Tuesday night to go on a date) it makes perfect sense. And it’s these little sentiments that make you warm to the characters in this book as you feel like they think just like you. I mean, if your partners favourite DVD was The Sound of Music then you wouldn’t want it played at the birth either – all the trauma of those nuns yodelling would be mentally damaging!

Witty lines aside there is so much more to this book than sex and babies. Yes, the main characters may all be linked by an antenatal
class but this is no ordinary class about breathing and relaxation methods. If anything it’s far from relaxing as the main character Katy doesn’t know who the father of her child is – it could be two of the men in the birthing class and one of those is also expecting twins with another woman.


Dealing with the issues of one night stands, revenge sex, infertility and forgiveness, if you don’t laugh and cry at one point in this book then your heart is made of stone. It’s perfect for the beach and perfect for a night on the sofa, pedicure done, feet up, Champagne in hand and a box of chocolates in close reach.

The author Tracy’s on Twitter @TracyBbloom and I am @zoegriffin – when you’ve read the theory about having sex (or not) on Tuesdays do let us know if you agree.

Buy it from Amazon for £5.99 here

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