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She was a member of the successful pop R&B group the Pussycat Dolls. Here she talks about how stardom enabled her to travel the world and experience some unforgettable events like Live Earth.

Probably my sexist dance came with my biggest break when I appeared as a dancer in Beyonce’s Crazy in Love; that was such a hot video.

My nickname was always “Pin Up Doll”. I’ll let your readers work out why? As a Pussycat Doll I always tried to keep my clothes on when we make music videos but the management didn’t always agree!  And it was the same scenario when I first acted in a Swedish TV soap opera Ocean Avenue. It was shot in Florida so a load of hot Swedes running around in humid weather meant it got very hot and steamy! It’s nothing new to me though, when I joined the Miami Heat dance team in 1999 and became their captain in 2001 you should have seen the sexy routines we did!

If Beyonce’s video was my big break the big highlight was performing at the Live Earth concert at Wimbley. So London will always be a special city to me.

We had  a few guest dancers up on stage with the PCD: Britney was the biggest disappointment though! To me Britney was this huge world wide star, who I thought was going to be the next Madonna. I wanted her to be well inside herself and I wanted her to succeed but I still think that she has the potential to have a brilliant career, but she obviously has deep personal problems.

I try to stay away from that whole scene that Linsay, Britney and Paris were on. Especially in Los Angeles. It is a lifestyle to become apart of. Fortunately I was really busy with the PCD, I don’t think Britney any of this stuff on herself but definitely going out in LA with out any knickers is definitely not a good thing. I know that we had a lot of young girls who were PCD fans so I was a lot more wary than Britney in the example we set. I’m not sure if any of the PCD would have gone out without underwear like Britney. I still do tend to go out wearing panties most of the time! Lol

You guys in England always wanted to know the most intimate things about PCD. Like who is the most flexible member of PCD. Well, I’m going to reveal that it was Kimberly. In the show she did lots of crazy stuff. I’m pretty flexible too!

There was no jealousy in the PCD which might surprise you because Nicole always got the lead vocals.

Jessica’s Ideal Night Out in Los Angeles  

laugh factory

There was nothing crazier than when I and the girls from PCD would go out in Los Angeles. It happened about once a week and we’d even go out and celebrate the birthday of one of the girls’ boyfriends.

There were usually about six of us and we’d take the poor fella to somewhere like the Laugh Factory, a comedy club on the Sunset Strip. It’s brilliant for group bookings and the open mid nights are scary because you always think someone is going to talk about you and point at you in the crowd.

Then after we’d laughed ourselves silly we’d usually end up in a place called Teddy’s a nightclub where things can get really hot. It’s actually probably known also as 

Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.’s


The hotel itself is such a iconic part of Hollywood’s history. When we’d go out together people often take a double take – they couldn’t believe that we are all out together. I think they wanted us to start dancing down Hollywood Boulevard real sexy like in our videos. But we all did our own little things to be really sexy and too dress hot and sexy.

Jessica’s guide to getting papped (or not) in LA:

I’ve been up to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansions a couple of times and I usually go to the big Halloween party he throws. I’m really glad I got to meet Hugh and he lives his life just the way he wants to. I don’t think I would ever do a nude photo shoot though. You kind of have to be invited but look at it is a way of putting yourself forward and who knows maybe getting invited to a party.

The paparazzi did follow me around in Los Angeles but it didn’t get really as bad for me as it did for the likes of Paris(Hilton), Lindsay (Lohan) and Britney (Spears). I still see Lindsay now and then in clubs like Hyde and that’ll set the peps into frenzy if I or anyone really goes up and gives the poor girl a kiss! I feel sorry for her because she has got sucked into a certain lifestyle. She’s so talented really.

Getting the Hollywood Popstar look:

The only thing I have in common with Paris Hilton is that I have a tiny Pomeranian dog called Star who weighs just 6 lbs. I like to cut her hair quite often too like Paris. Try somewhere like

Nicole Scherzinger is still a remarkably beautiful girl who has no end to her talents. She can do absolutely everything and I was sure that one day she’d go solo and become a huge star. But her pop star look only came one way, sheer hard work.


Nearest Airport: LAX International Airport (10.5 hours approx from London)

Airlines: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines

Currency: US dollar. £1 = $1.54

Time Difference: -5 hour


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