VIP Beauty: Golden Eye Replaces The Smokey Eye

A few years ago the make-up trend used to be all Kim Kardashian inspired with a dark, charcoal grey smokey eye but it’s moved on now. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and the gorgeous Brit model Rosie Huntington Whiteley all have more of a golden hue around their eyes. Golden brown is more subtle than black, slightly more understated but completely dazzling when the light catches it…as I discovered first-hand when I volunteered to be the guinea pig for MAC make-up.


I’m more of a party and fashion girl than a make-up girl (I often lose attention putting make-up on) so I was very happy MAC make-up artist Stephanie Sion was happy to show me how to do it. Steph is currently based in Selfridges in the MAC department on the 3rd floor and if you like the look she created for me you can easily get one yourself as a 60 minute make-over at MAC is £30 and it’s redeemable against products. So you get things to take away to do the look yourself, sort of making it free if you need the products anyway.

While Steph was doing the look for me, I picked up a few things. Firstly, do the eyes first and then the foundation as you are guaranteed to get your skin messy with the eyes so you can cover it up with the foundation after. Secondly, this look is all about layering. Put small bits on the brush and top it up on the eyes, rather than putting it all in at once. Third, with the eyelashes, it’s so important to cut them if they don’t match your eye length. Then add more eyeliner afterwards so the lashes look part of the eye, all blended in and to make sure there is no white gap between your lash and the fake ones.

Here’s a close-up of the eye while I’m looking down so you can really see the blend of shadow.


The lashes really add volume and mark the look really attention grabbing don’t they?


Initially, I was anxious about getting my make-up done in a department store while crowds walk past but MAC has thought of this. It’s created it’s own room near the esclators on the third floor. There are six seats behind a black wall so that you can have your make-up done in private.



Alternatively, my fave make-up blogger Pixi Woo has also released a video about how to get the smoky eye look so check out this video if you live far from a MAC store.

I love the look so much I’m definitely going to try to recreate it at home this summer. Who’s in with me? Tweet me @zoegriffin if you have any questions about this make-up or anything else VIP related.

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