London’s Hippest Hollywood Hangout- Megaro Bar

Sometimes us Brits are never happy. We prayed for a summer and when we almost thought mother nature had forgotten us she granted our wish with a sizzling 2-week heatwave. But we managed to escape the scorching sun and went underground into London’s trendiest boutique bar equidistant to King’s Cross station.

The bar is lavishly decorated into two different divisions, one side ideal for dates and intimate affairs and the other ideal for larger groups and after work drinks. Their  exquisite chef plates and unique cocktails are designed and perfectly paired for an explosion of flavours you’d be sure you’ve never tasted before.

Here’s a sneak peek of last night’s highlights…


The Photography Dark Room: draped with red carpet curtains and retro cinema seats. The low lighting and artistic illustrations surrounding are sure to encourage you to try one of their bespoke house cocktails. But if you don’t find yourself settled on this division of the bar, swing your way around to…


The Classic Film Set: The room is dressed with vintage tripod stands and worn leather director chairs. We suggest you take a seat (with a crispy veal cheek in one hand and a Tansy 75 in the other) and admire the splendour of photographs of  life in King’s Cross today.


With a fine eye for detail, everything from the decor (including the ceilings- yep that’s right!), the music and the menus were on point. Check out their vintage menus. The idea was inflamed from the workings of an early 1900’s vintage camera- nice touch.


CURED: A beautiful open shell plate served delightfully with a combination of scallop ceviche, green strawberry and almond. We promise you’ll be slurping the juice from the bottom of the shell when you’re done.


RAW: Deliciously compressed watermelon served in a perfect cube-size bite with a sprinkle of feta and a slash of olive and lemon. Mouth watering yet?


Yes, they spoiled us, but that didn’t stop us from choosing our favourite VIP cocktail. After trying a number of their homemade concoctions one stuck out to us- ladies and gents give it up for the film inspired Lavender Hill Mob Fizz. It’s a lush mix of beefeater, lemon, lavender gomme, zedda piras and soda. Divine. Cocktails are made to perfection for £8-9.

So have you got your coat on already? If you want to pay a visit to the Megaro Bar click here for more information. See you there!


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