What Were You Thinking!?

Eve at Bagatelle Beach at the New Tropicana in Las Vegas

This week the celeb that should be locked up for crimes against fashion is American singer/rapper Eve. I honestly don’t know where to start. She was papped at Bagatelle Beach at the New Tropicana in Las Vegas in an oversize silk shirt and bandeau top complete with crazy rope shoes (really!?), head scarf and sunglasses. All I can say is she looks like she got dressed dressed in the dark but accidentally left her nightie on and forget her trousers. Either that or she fell into a charity shop and came out the other side dressed like a mental person. And, can I just say how those claw tattoos on her boobs really class the outfit up. Ah so many jokes so little time. To be honest I can’t see this look catching on anytime soon and thank god for that!

Tomrorrow we’ll bring you someone who does actually look good and show you how to copy the look. But for now, just be grateful you probably have better taste than Eve.

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