Shay Mitchell Has Neon Nailed It!

Shay Mitchell, better known as Emily from addictive American series Pretty Little Liars, showed off her new nails recently on Facebook. As glam as they look, you don’t have to be a VIP to get them.

These nail art ideas are absolutely perfect for beauty on a budget! We all have to admit that we a lot more nail varnishes than we manage to use regularly (and secretly even more than that!) which makes them likely to dry up or turn into that sticky gloop before we’ve got the best use out of them. (There are just too many pretty colours that have to be bought!) Nails like Miss Mitchell’s use a variety of your nail polishes, making your favourite ones run out slower and your least favourites get complimented by those you do like and not dry up! More money efficient and a false nail art look. Choose neons from our list of personal faves!

Superdrug: Invogue Neon Green Polish £3.49


Superdrug: 2True Glossy Neon Pink Polish £1.99


Superdrug: Revlon Neon Nail Art Light £5.99 *Sale! 
(White base coat for neons and neon yellow)


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