Stars In Their Bras…Or Less: Featuring Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo


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It’s that time of day again where our hearts start racing – it’s “Stars in their bras or less…” time. So far we’ve seen the Beckhams, David Gandy, Kelly Brook, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Freddie Ljungberg crowned our sexy celebs of the day but who will it be today?

Well we have some great photos lined up for you as we’ve named Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo our sexiest celebs of the day.

Megan Fox became Emporio Armani Underwear model in 2010, the same time the ads featured the new Emporio Armani Men’s Underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo, as they replaced Victoria and David Beckham.


Megan is the well-known beauty that rose to fame in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – I think all men can think back to how she looked bending over the 1976 Chevrolet Camaro. She is definitely one of the hottest actresses out there, not just her looks but her acting as well as she is sought after by all the top Hollywood producers. We might question if she really is that beautiful or if she’s made of CGI or animatronics like the robots in Transformers? But no, we can assure you she really is just that beautiful.

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Megan is only the second woman, after Jenifer Lopez, to retain her crown in consecutive years as FHM’s World Sexiest Woman. It comes as no surprise however, with her mesmerising looks, dark sexy hair, tempting pout and perfect curved body – she’s one hot sex symbol! I think she would melt anyone just by staring at her. She was even once quoted saying: “I have the libido of a 15 year old boy – my sex drive is so high.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is another Armani model (they sure do pick the best, sexiest models!). Cristiano is unquestionably handsome – not only does he have an amazing physique but his face is well chiselled and very attractive. As if he didn’t already have us fawning all over him, he looks so hot and sexy in these topless shoots.

r 1

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I think I speak for all the girls out there when I say football has some of the sexiest athletes. Cristiano is no exception – he’s even been crowned the Sexiest Footballer Alive by Glamour’s Magazine two years in a row (2012 and 2013). Not only does he impress us on the pitch but also off the pitch as his model resume keeps growing (for which we are very grateful). We think his sexy good looks and hot bod are a winning combination!

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we did – tweet @zoegriffin to let us know who you would like to be crowned our sexy celeb of the day and/ or let us know what you think of our new section “Stars in their bras or less…” We love hearing from you all 🙂


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