Top 5 Worst Celeb Tattoos!


Singer and former X-factor judge, Tulisa, finally exposed her secret tatt when wearing a teeny white bikini, on holiday in Marbella. It reads: ‘Lucky you’, besides a four leaf clover just above her bikini line. Inspired by this latest tatt, we decided to devise a list of the top 5 worst celeb tattoos, because let’s face it, they get it wrong too! Take a look at these and make sure to, think before you ink!


5. Oops, she did it again. Britney Spears definitely never does learn the first time! One of her tattoos was supposed to mean “God”, and let’s just say… it didn’t quite come out right. Another was meant to mean “rebellious” – perfect for Britney, right? Well, no. Unfortunately it came out as “strange” instead. Strange… how these things happen…


4. Christina Aguilera proved that it’s not always 100% wise to Trust The Voice Within when she got her husband, Jordan Bratman’s initials inked on her arm, in Hebrew. Well, that was the plan. However, they came out joined up, looking more like the number 12. Now divorced, she’s pretty relieved to not have her ex-husband’s initials a visible part of her arm forever.


3. Nicole Richie’s wrist tatt has landed her in endless awkward conversations. 16, cool and a Virgo, it made total sense for her to get “Virgin” inked on her wrist. A spur of the moment thing do we think?


2. Grammy Award winner Eve Jeffers has two matching paw tattoos on her cleavage. Why, we’re not so sure. Looks like she needs a good wash…


1. Megan Fox has six pretty cute tattoos, and one truly scary one. Her recent Marilyn Monroe tatt on her forearm has almost completely disappeared now after kissing it goodbye in 2011. She claimed it has a “negative character” as Miss Monroe suffered from bipolar and various personality disorders. Pull the other one Miss Fox! It was simply a dodgy tattoo looking more like a bullfrog than the legendary Miss Monroe.


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