Stars In Their Bras…Or Less: Featuring Victoria and David Beckham


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Here at LLAVIP we have been busy finding out the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip for you but also we have been up to something very exciting . . . creating our new section ‘Stars In Their Bras…Or Less.’

In this new section we will be spicing up your day telling you who we think are the sexiest female and male celebs. You are definitely in for a treat! Feel free to let us know who you think we should include 🙂 But for our very first ‘Stars In Their Bras…Or Less’ we have decided to feature Victoria and David Beckham as the sexiest female and male celeb of the day because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a photo of David in his boxers?!

David and Victoria have modelled in a number of successful underwear campaigns for Emporio Armani. David became an underwear model for Armani back in 2008 where images of him working out on the beach, wearing nothing but Armani underwear, made every woman instantly fall in love with him!


David - Armani

David - Armani 2

David - Armani 3

To be honest, I think these photos say it all, I don’t know if I need to explain why we picked David as our first sexiest male celeb of the day, but I will anyway. David is someone who looks hot with clothes on and even better with them off! He has an amazing body, these photos revealing his incredible six pack, but also he is extremely handsome with his chiselled jaw line and dreamy eyes. Women adore him and men want to be him. I don’t know about you, but I could stare at these photos all day, every day and that’s why we’ve chosen him. He really is one of the sexiest men we know. Well, sort of know.

David has recently announced his retirement from professional football, but we really hope he won’t be retiring from posing in his boxers. In fact, we hope with more time on his hands he will be doing even more of these shoots (fingers crossed). He’s already got women drooling over him again in his H&M advert where he shows off his toned physique and tattoos.

b 2

Victoria has been picked as our sexiest female of the day because of her stunning Armani shoots, after she followed her husband’s footsteps back in 2008. She has a figure to die for with her tiny waist and gorgeous long legs.

v 2
v 1

Victoria does look absolutely stunning in these photos as she poses in lacy underwear, bra and stilettos. All women are envious of her petite figure. Not only does she look sexy but we have to give her credit for climbing a ladder with those killer heels, the thought of climbing it in our underwear would put us off but Victoria takes it all in her stride.

Victoria and David also posed together for Armani shoots in Milan.

V+D 1

V+D  2

What a sexy couple? With David’s hair gelled back and Victoria’s locks held upright with wire, the couple look closer than ever – such an intimate shoot. We can see why they tied the knot. In the top photo David, wearing just Armani pants, lies under his wife as she seductively places her hand on his bare chest (what we’d have done to be her in this shoot!)

Well, I hope these photos have spiced up your day. Don’t forget to take a look tomorrow to see who will be our next sexiest male and female celeb . . .


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