TV BAFTA’s 2013!


So the TV BAFTA’s took place yesterday and to be honest I was shocked, mainly because I thought it had already happened this year. Then I found out that there are two BAFTA Award Shows, one for film and one for TV. Who Knew!? So bearing in mind I didn’t realise it existed (I’m terrible) I wasn’t expecting much in the way of greatness. Anyway like a true patriot I stuck it out until the very end and to be honest it wasn’t too bad. Presenter Graham Norton was hilarious, the audience laughed politely and clapped in all the right places and Sheridan Smith dropped the F-bomb (bearing in mind on any other post-watershed channel this wouldn’t be a problem however, it was the BBC so someone definitely got fired) All in all it was pretty exciting. Well about as exciting as any British awards show is ever going to get! But, like any good fashion journalist I was only interested in the celebs and what or should that be who they were wearing. Some were better than *cough* others so here’s my take on who nailed it and who needs a warning, or possibly several, from the fashion police.

Sheridan Smith: In my opinion she looked stunning. Wearing a leopard print LBD with a twist and skyscraper black heels she kept her look classy put playful and it definitely payed off!


Holly Willoughby: She might be one of the most boring nicest people on the planet but she definitely knows how to emphasise her assets. Hey, they don’t call her Holly Willoughbooby for nothing! Her dress may have literally blended into the carpet but the cut suited her figure and skin tone perfectly and her hair and accessory choices broke the ensemble up nicely!


Kimberly Wyatt: She might have one of the best figures in showbiz but this dress is just so blahhh. It fits well but she could have chosen a million other better outfits! The colour washes her out and her hair would make Marilyn Monroe turn in her grave. Kimberly, consider yourself warned!


Michelle Collins: Oh dear god! There are literally no words! Actually thinking about it, there are many. Ill-fitting, tacky and gross all spring to mind and I haven’t even finished. Her train-wreck of a hairstyle probably took about two seconds to do, her boobs appear unsupported and the yellow does nothing for her complexion. Annnnd breathe. She might be smiling but her eyes are definitely screaming ‘help me’. I wish I could have Michelle…trust me!


Tess Daly: There is literally so much going on with this dress my eyes don’t know where to look. The bottom half looks like it’s been attacked by something with claws and don’t even get me started on the beading. And what’s with the white bodice underneath that stands out by a mile? It’s all just awful.


Kara Tointon: One word, stunning! The detailing on the dress is just spot on and the colour looks gorgeous against her olive skin tone. Not many people could have pulled it off but with a figure like that she could have worn a sack and still won best dressed of the night. Bravo!


Sienna Miller: She’s an actor? Seriously? I know I’m just kidding! Wearing Matthew Williamson Sienna added a subtle (Michelle Collins take note) hint of colour into the evening. The skater dress is nice enough but doesn’t really get me excited like some of the others. Verdict: cute but maybe not appropriate for a formal awards show.


Jenni Falconer: I would love this dress if it was on someone ten years younger and didn’t blend into her skin. Her hair is just massively boring and even the red lipstick, which was a popular choice among the actresses, couldn’t save the outfit. Beautiful dress, wrong person!


Binky Felstead: The MIC star opted for a bubblegum pink chiffon jumpsuit instead of playing by the ‘award show’ rules. However, she definitely stood out on the red carpet amongst the plainer dressed. The colour was gorgeous and her tousled locks gave her a young, fresh vibe which ensured all eyes were on her.


Claudia Winkleman: I love this woman but the dress makes me want to cry. Claudia definitely has the figure for it but somehow she manages to make it look frumpy and unappealing. Lace just shouldn’t be seen on women over a certain age and unfortunately she didn’t get the memo. And the tacky white shoes? Just why!?


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