Human Relations: Fenton Bailey Private View


David Bailey’s son Fenton (above right) has just launched his first ever photo exhibition with his brother Sasha (above left)band I was very lucky to get a sneak preview. It’s on at the gorgeous Imitate Modern Gallery until 31 May and my mission was to go down to see if it’s worth your time visiting.  And I also happened to get a bit of celebrity gossip on the way…

Let’s start with the gossip as I know we all love a bit of juicy news. There’s a new public romance in celeb world – Thom Evans and Jessica Lowndes. Think you’ve heard the names before but can’t quite place them? Thom used to go out with Kelly Brook and Jessica is an American actress from 90210 who used to date Danny Cipriani. Kelly is now with Danny again (she dated him before Thom). Confused? I am. And a bit disturbed.


But  do you think the pair look good together? Well, even I have to admit they’d have cute kids…

I also saw Made In Chelsea  star Mark Francis Vandelli, giving the exhibition his high-society seal of approval. Mark has just got a column in OK! Magazine, but has that changed his super high standards for luxury, sharp-dressing and jet-setting? Not a chance. Mark has a large art collection and has visited some of the Imitate gallery’s events in the past. So people, if you want to copy someone in the know when it comes to art, looking at where Mark Francis goes is a pretty good indication that you’re visiting the right places.


The exhibition is called Human Relations and it’s all about exploring the relationship an artist has with his muse. Fenton Bailey (son of the photographer David who attended the party to support) created it with his brother Sacha and friend Mairi-Luise Tabakkh. Here’s me with a couple of  the photos. (If you like my dress then it’s a bargain at Missguided – £34.99).


And here’s one in more detail:


Isn’t that sexy? I love the way there is just a hint of nakedness, leaving you to make up your own mind about what’s going on. Every photo in the collection forces you to think about what’s going on more deeply…as more and more flesh is shown off. Ok, you may be looking at a woman with her top off in the smallest of knickers but you can tell that the character she is playing for the cameras is having a good time. And you start to think about who she is / what she is doing / and imagining yourself in a similar scenario.

I asked Fenton why he picked his muses and he said: ‘They’re girls I knew who I wanted to get to know more. That’s why the relationship between muse and photographer is so important.’ And how does it feel working so closely with his family, ‘We tend to get on pretty well most of the time.’ He said. ‘I’m lucky’.

Lucky indeed. He gets to photograh stunning girls all day.

After all that, I guess you can tell I think it’s worth a short visit if you’re in central London. For opening times and location visit the Imitate Modern Gallery website.

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