WIN: A Supply Of Crispello Chocolate And A Song Composed For You


Have you heard of the comedienne Vikki Stone? Have you heard about Cadbury’s new Crispello chocolate? Well stay tuned VIPs as I’m about to give you more info about both and you can win a cheeky and delicious prize…


The photo above shows Vikki with the chocolate. She is the new face of the campaign …..but who is Vikki Stone?

Vikki Stone2

Vikki’s a trained musician (she’s even done backing music for Elton John) but she combines music with comedy in a way like nobody else which mean she’s constantly voted as one of the ‘must-see’ acts to watch at the Edinburgh festival and is able to tour the UK doing solo music-sit-by-the-piano comedy gigs. If you’ve not seen her yet then just check out this YouTube video. If you’re anything like me you’ll want to find out more after watching this naughty, cheeky ditty about Phillip Schofield

I had a chat on the phone with Vikki to find out what she’s doing with Cadbury’s and what it means for you readers.She explained: ‘I’ve teamed up with Cadbury’s Crispello to find the nation’s cheeky moments. My songs are all about being cheeky and I know the people in the UK have a lot of cheeky confessions to share.

‘We are asking the public to share their naughty moments on the Cadbury’s Facebook page (click on the Crispello tab next to where you see their number of likes). The three best entries will get their cheeky moment turned into a song by me and I’ll come to their home town and do a special gig for them and their friends.’ Just like she did for Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning…


Readers, you have until 10 May to enter your moment. Have you flirted with a barista to get a discount on your coffee? Have you sneaked some fake tan into your boyfriend’s moisturiser because you think he was looking a bit pasty? What’s Vikki’s own cheeky moment?

‘Sometimes I use under-eye concealer to reduce the bags on my eyes,’ she said. ‘I like to leave it to soak in for a while and one day I left the house and got on the Underground with big light cream under my eyes – I hadn’t rubbed it in.’ Oops! After talking to Vikki longer, I heard she had another cheeky moment, getting fired from  a supermarket job as ‘head of bagged salad’ after just 6 weeks. Did she order too much lettuce? Who knows. Who even knew there was a job as head of bagged salad?! If you talk to Vikki and don’t crack a smile within three minutes there is something wrong with you.

But, don’t let this fool you. Vikki is a woman in demand! To give you an idea of how a bespoke song by Vikki is valuable, you just need to look at her packed schedule. She’s got gigs on London’s Southbank in June, she’s spending the whole month of August at the Edinburgh festival and she’s writing songs about tons of VIPs. She’s done Sinitta, she’s done Brian Cox and you must check out this cheeky video of her impersonating Hilary Devey, which is not musical but it is hilarious (and useful if you actually want to look like Hilary Devey)

So, VIPS – are you going to enter via the Cadbury’s Facebook page now for a chance to win a party with Vikki and tons of Cadbury’s Crispello?

AND as an extra special treat, you can win some Crispello right now through Live Like a VIP. Two readers can each win not one, not two, but 12 bags of the delicious bags of delicate crispy shells with a creamy chocolate filling covered in delicious Cadbury’s chocolate .


Just answer the simple question below and send your answer to before 2359 on Tuesday 7 May.

QS: What festival is Vikki appearing at in August?

Good luck everyone. Stay cheeky!




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